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It's sad to see someone you loved with their heart not with you.

I met a guy during Thanksgiving the year of 2004. We talked for about a month or so then, he asked me out during New Year. We been dating ever since then until now. He's the sweetiest and kind of werid guy but I have learned to give my heart to him and loved him. He's in the US Marines so, he has left to Irqa for about 3 months now and I miss him like crazy. About couple days ago my cousin came and visit me and I found out that my cousin and my loving boyfriend has been talking to eachother for about 2 years now but, they just never got together because she has a boyfriend. When I herd the news my heart just went numb. I didn't show any emotion or anything to her but, slowly deep inside within me I cried. After she went home he called. I told him about it and what I just herd. He was in shock that she was my cousin. I was so confuse and lost I just felt like everything that use to make sences to me don't make anymore sences. He told me a lot of things form what they did to how much time they spent with eachother. What's sad is that me and him haven't even gotten the chance to spend that much time with eachother. Will, we could of had spent that much time with eachother but, he choose not to. It's so sad it tears me up inside. Whenever he calls now all we do is talk about her. All he asked is have you talk to your cousin yet. Will, I guess I'm just writing to long is I'll just get to the point. The point of my story is everytime now that I talk to him he pictrues me as my cousin. He's tells me how beautiful my cousin is and how she is sweet inside and outside. It makes me sad to hear someone who I loved says beautiful and loving things about other and don't see who I am and how I'm beautiful and as sweet as other is. I'm not too sure if I want to break up with him yet. Maybe, I'll wait til he comes back home safely then I'll just call it off. It's sad to see someone you loved with their heart not with you.


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