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if it wasn't for the law we would probably be going out

i met the guy of my dreams when i was 12. it was a crush but my love for him grew so much stronger but now it kind of sucks. we are going through a tough time. we both love eachother but the law says we cant. he was 16 when i met him. nw hes 18 and im 14. we love eachother so much bt we cant figure out if we should date or not. we really want to but he doesnt want to get in trouble. we makeout like all the time and we say i love you all the time and i can tell its real but there is no actual boyfriend girlfriend label. i think ill marry him someday but the law says its illegal to date him until im 18. i still love him with all my heart though and i alwas will. he is the one for me and i can tell and so can he if it wasnt for the law we would probably be gong out. i love him he loves me thats all thats all that should matter. right?


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