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when love hits you, you'll go crazy, but be prepared 2 receive the consequences

It all started as a dare to be pals dared me 2 make her drunk and get her laid...but once i was there...i made her drunk but i didnt screw her coz i was afraid..i have this feeling that was very unusual..i was staring at her..she's asleep and drunk and the strands of her hair covered her eyes, i moved it and what a sight did i angel sleeping sweetly...and in that instant i knew that i was falling for her...but i was having 2nd thoughts on pursuing her because it might jeopardize our friendship..but i juz kept it discreet...then we had the chance to meet last week and have a good time..(no sex was involved okay!) it was just like a friendship acquaintance but i had the chance to talk to her and shared 2 her the fuss im going through...and what did i get in return, it came from her mouth that she has a new heart juz broke and i couldnt help but crying deep was painful and to make it worse, she showed me his picture! damn! the perfume i complimented on her due 2 its sweet scent is also his boyfriend's fave...damn! why does it have to be this way...when love hits you, you'll go crazy, but be prepared 2 receive the consequences...


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