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If you have ever read "Wuthering Heights" that story should have been written about us

I met my ex about six years ago when we were both in high school. It was love at first sight for me but he didn't respond to my advances for almost three months because he said he thought i was "out of his league". We dated for four years and were forced to break up in a romeo and julietesq drama story right a few months before I turned 18. We had planned on waiting it out and then getting married the day I turned 18, but during that time I sought the comfort of another and ended up getting married in a spur of the moment ceremony the month before my birthday. After a couple of months when the lust for this new person began to wear off, I realized I had made the biggest mistake of my life. By this time though I was pregnant and I refused to break up my family. I finally broke down and called my ex almost a year later because I felt he deserved an explination. This phone call lead to meeting and even though it did not lead to adultery in the physical sense, the love was rekindled even stronger. But then I found out I was pregnant again by my husband so I pushed my ex away to keep from hurting anyone else. But I still think about everyday. I have pictures of us from the four years we were together in Gatlinburg, Tampa, New York and I know that in my heart we are soulmates and will forever be connected. If you have ever read "Wuthering Heights" that story should have been written about us.


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