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He had many girls chasing him and i was one of them

The beginning of a new year starts, i went to a different class from my best friend. My first day of school was pretty scary but i still had a few friends in my new class so it wasn't that bad.
In my new class, there he was. He was known as the hottest guy in the school. He was an athlete with excellent running skills. He topped the nationals in track and the school was very proud of him.
In class, he sat quite near me. Somewhere behind me... We chatted alot on msn messenger, on the phone and on smses. You could say we were pretty close... one day, i realised something.
Everytime i go online, the first name i look out for is his. Everytime i go to school, it was him that i looked forward to see the most. I began to question myself if i had fallen for him. Soon, I couldn't deny the fact that i had fallen for him.
He had many girls chasing him and i was one of them. He could run, he had a hot body and he looked simply gorgeous. However, everyone knew that he loved another girl in the school, and the two of them were already a pair.
Because i knew there was no hope for me, i tried countless times to give up on him. I tried to forget him and avoid him by blocking him on my msn messenger and deleting all his smses. Unfortunately, it did not work. I just still could not give up on him. He was the one.
At home, i could avoid him but the moment i see him in school, i see love. He treated me as his close friend and i knew that it was impossible between us but i never gave up.
Till now, i'm still waiting for him. Sometimes i do feel tired after waiting so long but i know that i should never give up something i love easily so i'm still waiting for him... =)


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