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he was my crush. but i dont think he noticed me the first couple days

I met my boyfriend in highschool, we were in the same spanish class. at first he didnt spark my interest, but then i kept looking at him and decided that he had a really cute smile, but thats all,then i noticed his hazel eyes, then he had a really cute voice and for some reason i have a thing for guy's hands, adn his hands i loved. so that was it, he was my crush. but i dont think he noticed me the first couple days, but then when i rose my hand for an answer, he noticed me and he started looking at me. i would catch him looking and he'd turn his eyes away like he was looking at the wall. we did this several times, back and forth, and i never got tired of it. after class when the bell rang, he would go real slow, packing his things, to wait for me, then after i walked he walked behind me. i thought he was cutest thing. and if your a girl , you kno wut im talking about wen i started fantasizing. about kissing him, being his girlfriend and of course, wen we would get married (dont act lik you dont!) we never talked to eachother before, adn that was all i wanted to do. so one day i asked him a question for the hw, and he turned and looked at me in surprise and he spoke to me and my heart just fluttered, i cant even explain how. we got to talking more, and said every little thing we could to eachother. we were both very shy. one day i was at my friend house and he was next door at his freind;s house. imaging my surprise wen we saw eachother. anyway that nght i snuck out and we met on the field, by the house we sat and talked and talked, my stpmache was doing flip flops and i could barely speak. after it was quiet for a while, he said i like you, (you could tell he was very nervous for a response) but luckily i said i like you. and we laughed a nervous, grateful laugh. then we looked at eachother and he went n for a kiss, ths was my first kiss and later he told me it was his. i will always remeber that night. we are now engaged to be married. love is a beautiful thing, do not miss it<3


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