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she would always go to my boyfriend and they would spend hours on the phone together

I had been going out with my boyfriend for six months. We had literally celebrated our six month anniversary just a few mere weeks before it happened. My best friend of the time was clinically depressed and she wasn't getting help or anything. Instead she would always go to my boyfriend when things were bad and they would spend hours on the phone together. In retrospect I probably should have seen it coming. The point is, I didn't see it coming. Even though they were hanging out by themselves all the time. August 12 was the date and I was finally telling my boyfriend that I was uncomfortable with him hanging out so much with my best friend. That's when he spoke the horrible words, "I need to tell you something". I knew what had happened even before he said anything. That didn't soften the blow when he told me that he had kissed my best friend. I cried so hard that night and I woke up my entire family. The next morning I woke up at seven from awful nightmares. I was just floating around my house like a ghost until around ten o'clock, the phone rang. I knew who it was. It was just a matter of time before my boyfriend told her that I knew. I was waiting for her call. I had been rehearsing what I was going to say in my mind all morning. When I heard my best friend's voice on the other end, my skin was crawling. I was just disgusted to hear her speak. I told her off pretty much. I hung up on her and refused to speak to her for the rest of the day. Ultimately, I ended up forgiving both of them. But there were so many complications and lies over the next few weeks so I broke up with my boyfriend, hoping everything would stop. That was a stupid idea. It just got worse. My best friend started hitting on my boyfriend, so I got mad at her. In the middle of September, I ended up getting back together with my boyfriend because I couldn't stand life without him. The pain of the lies and complications was not as bad as the pain of living without him. As for my best friend, I didn't forgive her right away. In fact, I downright loathed her up until a month ago. I couldn't bring myself to forgive her for her betrayal for some reason. All that hatred in my life was not a good thing, so when I was finally ready, I called a truce with her. We're friends again now, but I refuse to allow myself to forgive her completely. Just because I don't want to feel stupid and naive for letting something like that happen again. My boyfriend and I are still together and we've been going out for a year and eight months. I found it amazing that we've been able to stay together even after what happened last August.


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