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Love probably exists but damn i just have bad luck with it

Love probably exsits but damn i just have bad luck with it. i have known this girl for more than 12 years. we are great friends and all but i have liked her ever since the first day i met her. i know it sounds dum but when i saw her for the first time my heart stopped. well after 12 years i finally had the guts to tell her that i liked her and that i have liked her ever since i saw her for the first time. we hit it off right after that. i cared for her so0o00 much. i always surprised her with something new everyday. she loves the smell of vanilla so i buy her vanilla scented everything. i cared for her so much that on her birthday i wrote her a poem. and me im terrible at that kinda stuff but i managed to make the perfect poem for us.
i think your sweet your smiles the best
your laught brings flutters to my chest
your gorgeous, kind and smart as well
i like your walk and how you smell
like roses or maybe lilies
you make me feel all warm and silly
i say your summer and thats no lie
your sight brings blue into my sky
im glad i finally got the nerve
to ask if your heart i have earned
so heres to you on valentines day
and happy 17th by the way!
haaa yea you think that would make any girl love you and not want anyone else. well it turns out that she was cheating on my since basically the day we were going out. even after finding out i still couldnt let her go. but i fianlly did break up with her and now she is with the person she cheated on me with and i am forced to see them every single day!!! someone help me


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