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Finding Love on the Net

I was to the point I was just going to give up on love. I went on all these dates with guys and within minutes I would find something wrong with them or realize they were only looking for a one night stand. I was just so tired of all this crap. So I turned to the internet so I could screen out the losers before I met them.

Then that one ad just popped out at me and stuck in my head. I wrote him a short note. The next day he called me and we met for drinks that night. Seven months later we are so much in love talking about marriage and kids in the near future. We fell in love quicker then I have ever imagined I ever could. He is my rock, my lover and my bestfriend. I love him more then I ever thought I could love anyone. He has a wonderful family that I will be very proud to be a part of one day.

So you can find love on the net!!! I did and wouldn't change anything about that. I have finally met my soulmate and feel complete for the first time in my life. Love is the best feeling in the world.


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