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this is a true love story of my friend and me

i was about ready to give up on love me and a friend were sick of getting hurt but then this really cute guy walks in and i knew that maybe we could be friends we did and it was the best he became friends with my friends secret crush for 3 years that made them two closer my feelings grew stronger each day till i realised every other guy was a crush he was for real then came that day which broke my heart i was crushed we were in science 2nd period my friend said i should write him a letter and i did but i was scared to i thought every thing would be fine since we talked and everything but it wasnt he rejected my letter threw it back in my face i was so hurt i cried and cried i really love him my friend wrote a letter to her crush he accepted it but never replied eventually he said he wasnt looking for anyone at the moment then two days later we find out he has a girlfriend our worst enemy that really killed my friend she was so hurt afeter that the guys avoided us it was nothing to them but every second of our lives wre full of pain and question what i felt for this boy was real and never will i forget him he will always be in my heart i pray every night that maybe one day we can be one because my heart beats only for him... this is a true love story of my friend and me .05.


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