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Untold Love

Untold Love
By: Jorge


In the early summer of the school year Daren was walking home from the park. That day has gone slow and it was hot and humid so Daren was walking very slowly. When he was two blocks down his house he past by a house but what got his attention was this beautiful girl playing with her puppy on her front lawn. Daren paused and stared, that moment he felt happy, and funny inside. When the girl finally noticed him she smiled at Daren. As Daren being shy about him self he quickly turned around and kept walking home.

Section 1

We begin out story on an early morning in September. Daren is now a sophomore at Sunny Lake Senior High. Daren have always been a shy boy but always a kind person. It’s been a month now since he saw this girl, but all of that is about to change.
On the first day of school when the first bell rang Daren walked to class. He sat down and minutes later students started to come in. He right away notices this beautiful girl he seen before. Daren looked at her and it made him happy to ser her again. She took a seat next to Daren. She recognized him and smiled.
“Hey, my name is Jenny, but my friends call me Jen”. She said
Daren speechless smiled at her, she laughed.
“Aren’t you going to introduce your self” She said.
“Oh! Sorry, my name is Daren” He said quickly.
Daren later on noticed that he had her for 5/6 of his classes. This is excellent for Daren since he can get to know her better.
Thru out the day they both talked. They shared interests, laughs, jokes and even a few little secrets between one another. As the weeks past Daren loved her more than a friend but he wondered if she felt the same way for him.
Almost half of the year has gone by, Daren a and Jen are best friends. They go out as friends and mostly do everything together as friends, Daren really liked her more than a friend, but he was too shy to let his feeling be known.

Section 2

Daren is now in the 3rd year high school. Some his classes are a lot different from Jenny’s classes. Jenny is now dating this boy she met in chemistry class. This made Daren very jealous, but supported her as she needs to. Sometimes he says to him self “I want tell her, I want her to know that I don’t want be just friends, I love her but I’m just too shy, and I don’t know why. . .”
One late Saturday the phone rang. On the other end it was Jen. She was in tears, mumbling on and on about how her love had broken her heart. She asked Daren to come over because she didn't want to be alone, so he did. As Daren sat next to her on the sofa he stared at her soft eyes, wishing she loved him. After 2 hours of movies, & 3 bags of chips, she decided to go to sleep. She looked at Daren, said "thanks" and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Daren blushed but he wanted to be more than just friends, loved her, care about her even more. On his way home he felt angry, how can someone do this to her, but he calm him self down and continued to walk home.
That same night Daren got a call from Jen. She invited him over to her house. When Daren arrived she told him to see some more movies with him.
“Jen, I think there’s something you should know” He said.
“What is it Dan?”
Daren eyes became lost in her soft crystal eyes looking and smiling at her. She laughed and with a pillow from the couch hit Daren. Daren smiled and hit her softly back.
That night Daren walked home again. Since he lived only 2 streets down from her house. On that quiet night as Daren walked home he thought to him self
“Maybe she won’t be my friend or even like me if I told her how I feel”
When Daren got home he went to sleep, still remembering her and how she kissed him. The year went by fast. Daren and Jen went to a trip to Europe together for 2 weeks with her parents. They both shared experience together, they took pictures, shared food and drinks with her, and almost anything she wished for Daren would do his best to give it to her. From anyone’s point of view they would think that they were more than friends, but the truth was that the only thing between them now is friendship. Both on Jen parents trusted Daren with their daughter because they are the only who can see how much he cared about her. One night Jen father approached Daren and told him.
“Dan, I know how you feel about my daughter, just let her now how you feel.”
Daren nodded in agreement.
“That’s something for you to tell her, no one else can do it but you” He said.
“I’m still not sure sir.” Said Daren.

Section 3
When senior came around Jen was very happy about this but Daren wasn’t. He thought to him self it might be the last time he ever get to see again.
The year began like any other year. Daren was doing good in all of his classes and he made a promise to him self to let her know how he felt about her. This might be the last chance he’ll have.
On a cloudy January morning Daren birthday present was a brand new motorcycle. Happy and thrilled he invited Jen to go for a ride. She happily accepted. As Daren speed up she notices that Jen was screaming in joy. Since she liked to go fast he speeds up a bit more. Seeing Jen happy made him happy.
“Dan! Wasn’t that fun! The wind was blowing right in my face and it felt so good!” She said.
Daren smiled. “Maybe we should go for another ride some other time.”
“Definitely” she said.
When prom night came Jen came up to Daren.
“Dan, my date is sick, can you go with me” She said.
Daren was thrilled to hear this and accepted it.
“Thanks, you are always there for me” She smiled and walked with him.

That special night in May Daren wasn’t never so happy before in his life.
The night went smoothly. Daren and Jen danced together a couple of times. When both were sitting down resting at the table Daren felt odd. He could not hold his secret any longer. He decided to tell her.
“Jen there’s something you should know”
Jen turned around and smiled.
“What is it it” She said.
“All my life I been meaning to tell you this but I didn’t know how it say it or have confidence enough until now.” He said.
“You are my wishing star, Jen I love you” He said to her holding her soft hands.
Jen smiled and tears of joy dropped from her eyes.
“I’m sorry” Said Daren.
“I thought you would never tell me!” She exclaimed
She grab Daren tie and kissed him softly.
“Why didn’t you tell me this before?”
Daren just became speechless, she was so happy to finally see Daren telling her this.
“I love you too, more than you can ever imagine” She said. And kissed him again.
“Jen, I loved you all my life since the first day I met you” Daren eyes begin to show sign of tears. They were both happy to finally let each other know how they felt. They kissed countless time that night, and holded each others hand tight. They were both inseparable that joyful night.
Daren took Jenny home that night. She asked him to come in with her. When Jen came in with Daren they were both holding hands together, happy. Jen father noticed this and approach Daren and hugged him.
“I’m proud of you Dan”
Daren smiled, kissed her one last time for that night, and left.

Section 5

Since that fateful night they both had form between each other a very strong bond. Daren and Jen did almost anything together they were happy to have each other.
And their love was strong. Many weeks have past and Daren and Jen were madly in love with each other. Daren and Jen’s parents were proud of their relationship and supported it.
On graduation day Daren saw Jen rise up to the stage in her white gown, walking down the stage like an Angel. That night Daren and Jen planned to go on a trip. It was a memorable trip in both of their lives. It was a 4 hour long trip and since both were riding on Daren motorcycle they had to make frequent stops because the cold air breeze slowed them down.
When Daren and Jen arrived they spent that sunny day fishing, in that calm Saturday morning. Dan hasn’t had any luck in catching anything for 3 hours, when all of the sudden Jen caught something, Daren helped her pull it into the boat and to their surprise it was a small size fish.
“To think such a small thing can put up such a fight” Said Daren laughing. Jen laugh at as well, but the she gently pushed Daren to the seat in the boat and kissed him slowly.

“Dan I never loved anyone as much as I love you” Said Jen deeply.
Daren looked at her, and saw the eyes of the girl he loved, beautiful bright eyes that shine like the stars above him.
“Jen you have no idea how much I will always love you” Said Daren.
They both laughed and kissed each in that calm Saturday evening.
When the stars filled the sky above them, they both looked up and gaze at the night dark sky since there was no other light, other from the camp fire. The cold air breeze that night made them closer to each other so their bodies warm each other.
On an early Sunday morning they both packed and headed back to town.

On 2 hours into their trip, Daren notice his motorcycle getting speed.
“Dan, Hun slow down a bit, don’t you think we’re going too fast?”
“I know Jen” Said Daren
“Well slow down” She said nervously
Daren called her name.
“Jen I love you” Said Daren
“Hug me”
Jen looked puzzle and hugged him tight.
“I want to kiss you” Said Daren
Jen kissed him as she always have.
“Don’t worry I have everything under control”
“Here” Daren said while removing his helmet.
“I can’t see well with this helmet on”
Jen took Daren helmet and put it on.
The last thing on Jen mind was the last words her boyfriend has told her. They both have crashed to an oncoming truck on the wrong side of the lane. Daren notice the brakes on his motorcycle weren’t working, reaching speeds of 198 MPH he decided to try to save Jenny’s life and sacrifice his he didn’t said anything to her, so she won’t worry. That’s why he gave her the helmet he was wearing, so she could have a chance to survive the crash.
Upon hearing the news, Jen broke down in tears, she felt completely destroyed. Endless tears of sorrow slided thru her cheeks. Everyone that knew Daren was devastated when they found out the death of him. And it was a sad day. Jen did not eat, slept well for the next few days.
Section 6

On Daren funeral everyone, family members, friends, teaches, and mostly anyone that knew him attended. Jen did not cry that day for she had little or no tears to shed that day. The pain was too deep for her to sustain. For her it seems only like yesterday when she met Daren, she remembered how he was always there for her, she was never alone. As priest said the final prayer, Jen pain grew greater knowing the love of her life; her soul mate was going to be gone forever. That cold Thursday morning everyone bided goodbye to Daren. The last words Jenny said to him “Rest in peace, for you have saved my life, and I will always love you”

The End


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