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he was a boy from the wrong side of the tracks and i was a little rich girl

My love story was something that is still very special to me, though it is the reason some people don't want to know me anymore. In high school I was the good girl and he was the bad boy but we always were sort of nice to each other, saying hi to each other when we saw each other in the halls. But suddenly he began being nicer to me, and seemed to want to hang out with me more. No one knew that we ever talked to each other or even were on good terms or anything, but there was definitely something going on between us. Soon we started becoming better friends, and he dragged me into his rebellious world of cigarettes and ditching class. But he also had a soft side, you know, and would treat me better than any other good boy that I had gone out with, despite the fact that he got me into bad things. but really, i'm glad he did. he loosened up my life, and showed me a world besides good grades, stress, college, and work. i liked that world better, and am still in it today because of him. well anyway, pretty soon we had a little romance going on, and were best friends in the world. i could tell him everything and he was the only one that would listen. of course we didn't tell anyone about our relationship--he was a boy from the wrong side of the tracks and i was a little rich girl. not only would my parents approve, but our groups of friends wouldn't either. so we did most of our hanging out outside of school. then one day he comes to me and was like, "you wanna drive to california with me?" . i had become so loose that my instinct at the moment was "yes!". then i wondered how i would get away with it. my parents, school, graduation? but i decided that i didn't really care too much anymore about that stuff--just about living it up and having such a great love. so one night we just drove off. he came by my house in his car and i snuck out my bedroom window with all my stuff. we drove all night, with the music up loud. though i'm not sure where he is today, i will always know that he did something for me that most don't see. and i will always remember and love him with all my heart.


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