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she never liked my friends... she hated them

I am a aspirant musician in my country and i was in my learning part , i went to the music college and learnt that its for girls only, i came out and two gals came to me, like they helped me before for filling up a query form there... one was active on me, she was white, and was enquiring abt me well... and she came alone to me and asked about me more, we took a bus and went to our area from that ladies music college together, like she was into me fully, and next 3rd day she proposed to me in front of a theater that she is in love and wants me to accept it and share..... i was in heaven when i heard that , cuz i just had a thought of asking her for this... then days passed .... we went to theaters, concerts, went to her home when no one was there, bath with her, rode bikes with her, but she never liked my friends... she hated them... i dont know why .... she would just go away to her home even if i got a call from a male friend of mine, she is afraid of new acq,.. like i shouldnt introduce her to my friends , thats her worry... one day we had a fine evening, we went to a restaurant to celebrate our love(as usual)... and i was with a greeting card., an i love you one... she orders for a coffee and i dont drink coffee and i see her drink, and i kept that card on the table, she was delighted,, we were on the peak of love mountain,, her smile and her costumes (they were red on for me) and i was feeling so manly ... suddenly a bloody old pal of me popped up from nowhere , and he sat in the third chair of that table in that restaurant... and he wished me and she was staring at me for that friend of mine like commandin me to get rid of him with her eyes....and i did not know what to do at that time... he took that card in his hand and read the poem that i wrote for her and read it loud... and his friends came and called for him.... he said a bye to both of us and went off, SHE STOOD UP, SCOLDED ME, AND WENT OFF, GIVING ME NO CHANCES TO EXPLAIN... was that my fault,, i was so cautious that she is not getting hurt, she cried to me once her grand mother died, and i entertained her all day with my music and with my drum kit... and made her sorrow go to hell... and i even switched off my mobile when she was near me(all the time i mean) cuz she hates my friends... and i am responsible for all this... but she s gone giving me no ways to explain... am i a bad guy now.... and shes away to some place ... gone forever.. and i am worried and i live alone here....


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