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He's Not Popular, but He's Perfect

It all started in the beginning of the 7th grade. I had never had a boyfriend before but all of a sudden when it was only half way through the year I had had five boyfriends. Through it all I had a friend named D. D and I were nothing alike but some how we shared the same interests. One time when I was talking to D online he had his friend over named C. Who apparently knew a lot about me from D. At the time I had a boyfriend named M. That night I talked to C on the computer for hours. He was a nice guy who knew how to respect woman.

When C got home the next day from Donís house he added me to his AIM buddy list. C and I were nothing alike I was one of those always hyper and preppy girls, while C was an Anti-Christ Punk. Although we were in different social classes we shared many things in common. C and I ended up talking a lot online and flirted endlessly. Our relationship slowly advanced to the phone.

A few months after I met C, M and I broke up. When I told C about it he supported me. I had never met him before but yet he seemed so close to me. About a week after the break up C asked me out. At first I said no because I hadnít even met him before, I had just seen a few pictures. Overtime I changed my mind and admitted to liking C. From there he asked me out again, and of course I said yes. Eventually things went wrong and I had cheated on him with M. I felt bad and broke up with him without question. C of course found out but some how he forgave me.

I broke up with M and went out with C again. C and I are still going out to the day and we have met and been on date before. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I still get teased for going out with a person who isnít as perverted or as popular as the other boys I have gone out with, but I wouldnít take it back for the world. Also I owe a special thanks to D for bringing us together.


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