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my love is forever...

my love is forever...
it was started first week of march, 2005.. i was happened to chat a man whom i don't know, we exchanged msg..and not to go far he decided to met me in my apartment. however i did not hear his knock so he call me up in the phone and said that he was outside wallmart. i went there and met him, we talked and i invite him to go in my apartment and introduced him to my room mate. from that time we dated and i felt in-loved with him. we see each other everyday. i went to his apartment and he went to my apartment, he cooked food for me. we really felt in-love with each other. however the saddest words he always spoke is that "i am free", seems to me that i'm not very much improtant to him and in my mind thinking that his love is less... honestly there's a big hindrance in ourrelationship...that is RELIGION.. he is a muslim and i'm a christian. my family are devoted christian and his family are devoted muslim, every night i cry because i know that one day he will leave me because i'm not like him, i mean our belief is different, he wishes that i'm a muslim but he doesn't force me to convert, he give me my own free will. i know i love him very much and he said to me that he love me more than i love him. but it's impossible for us to be together forever unless i'm one of him. i kept crying and it causes me pain because i ask him if he love me he should accept me as i am, not changing me. all his answer is I LOVE YOU but that should be and why i can't accept what he wanted. I just lift-up to god because i don't want to give an answer which i don't want to. anyway we're just waiting for a miracle to happend. 'till now we are still seeing each other everyday and as days goes by our love grows deeper and deeper. i dont worry what might happend tomorrow..all i think about is today and the loved i felt to him...I DONT KNOW...ALL I KNOW IS I LOVE HIM and GOD KNOWS THAT......... MY LOVE IS FOEREVER.. DAB


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