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Even though he is no longer with me, telling this story gives me that feeling of being on cloud 9

About three years ago, I was informed by one of my friends that this guy liked me. I knew who he was and I had no interest what so ever. Every time I saw him he always seemed mysterious to me. He stood tall and always had this serious look in his face. Just by the way he looked he was feared by everyone in highschool. He's not ugly don't give me wrong, but I thought that I'd give him a try anyways. We got to know each other for a couple of weeks until he decided to "ask me out." It was my birthday and as soon as he held my hand I knew right away that I was in for the best ride of my life, no regrets. As I start to get to know him I realized that his personality is completely the opposite of what his looks would tell you (if you saw him.) Anyways, he was sensetive, romantic, he was fun, he made me laugh, he always knew how to make me feel better when I'm upset. We loved each other so much that we would do anything just to be together. I knew we were inseperable from the very beginning I even proved it with hand cuffs...NO it wasn't a sex ritual!! But you know when we do have sex it's like this weird feeling in the end that I just want to fly and it wasn't a one time feeling it was everytime. The things that people say on their songs was kinda like that like I've never felt in one with him when we're making love. It was more of a romantic sex than fulfilling urges. That might not make sense to you but it's just hard to explain. I only felt that with him. His family adored me but my family did not like him. They didn't know him like I did, they were so judgemental and they only said things about him because of his looks. I never cared what they said about him. Even though he is no longer with me, telling this story gives me back that feeling of being on cloud 9. I remember one specefic night; it was our one year anniversary and he had something planned for me. It had to be at midnight for me to get there so my parents wouldn't know I was with him. He made pasta for dinner, then after our dinner he sat me down on the couch told me close my eyes for a minute. When I opened my eyes I saw a ring right infront of me and it really took my breath away. Then he said that's not all, he gave me a card, this what the card said:
Because you're the one I love
I love so much about you-
all the little, unique things
that make yuo different
from anyone else
all the special, endearing qualities
that make you so much fun
to be with.
I love the person you are-
the way you think, the things you do,
the many sides of you
I respect and admire...
I love how we are together-
how we can be cozy and comfortable,
so understanding and ecouraging,
so romantic and intimate...
I love you because through you
I have learned so much-
about myself, about life,
about sharing and caring,
and just how wonderful
a love like ours can be.
Happy sweetest day

And then he wrote "i love yu more that what this card can tell you, I love." I cried whe I recieved that card. After I had read it he got me out of the couch and held me. He told me to close my eyes once more and guided me to his room. I opened my eyes and there was probably about twenty candles lit. I will never forget that night. If I could only dream about it now. I was crazy enough to let go of a guy like that and end up with a guy who's completely the opposite.


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