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the worst thing was that i took it out on her, constant spazing, yelling

well this is a different story i guess. I was just getting out of a relationship of almost a year and a half for about a month then. She was just out of her relationship of 6 months for a week. They were complicated in theirs as was my first ex and i. She went to a community college. i was just graduating cornell with a job 4 hours away. we hit it off right away. When we got together, we realized what was ahead. she went through my depression of my job at the beginning and was always there. we were very strong, the best of friends. When she decided to go to a 4 year college about the same distance away, i got scared. her away in dorms with immature people, scares the sh*t out of anyone. the worst thing was that i took it out on her, constant spazing, yelling. one day she left me, decided the college life was better. I was a wreck. so anyways i improved my life and got the nerve after a month to send her a card. she totally loved it but she didnt call me. after all of this i realized what true love was, and i hope and pray to god she comes back. i wouldnt be the man i am today if it werent for her. so im still waiting, hoping fate for once in my life has a positive outlook for me in my personnal life.


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