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'do you want to go with me?' he asked. I swallowed and nodded

we go to school together. He has long brown hair like Johnny Depp and these...gorgeous sea-green eyes. He's always really quiet and held-back and aloof, but somehow he ended up in my group in one of my classes so I had the opportunity of getting to know him more.

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't interested right away. Infact, I wasn't interested at all at first. I didn't like his goatee, for one thing. And the thought just never occured to me. But he would always laugh at things I said; he made me feel cute and funny. And he would always get a little playful smile when I talked to him.

One day in our massage class, we ended up being partners. Lo and Behold, that was the day we had to massage each other's stomachs. Hello awkwardness! I mean, my stomach is not my favorite body part and I wasn't exactly thrilled to bare it to the world, much less a guy I was beginning to be interested in. But I swallowed my doubts and decided that if I was going to be a massage therapist I had to be comfortable with my own body, for goodness sakes; and besides, it's not like I was obese. I'm just not exactly suitable according to the world's ridiculous and unfair standards of beauty today. So I lay down on the table with a sort of defiant attitude, mentally daring him to be repulsed. But all i got was the kindest and most gentle touch ever--not to mention the sudden sparks of attraction I felt whenever he touched me.

After that, everything was different. His reserve melted away, but only towards me. We began to laugh and joke and flirt in the cutest way. He would find different ways to touch me, on my knee or cheek or my hair. The other girls in the class tried to get his attention in vain--it was like they didn't exist.

One day after school, we were standing in a group of friends, and one of my girlfriends brought up a party on the weekend. 'are you gonna bring someone?' she asked.
'' i answered, cautioning a quick look towards 'johhny depp'. He was looking at me so squarely and meaningfully that I looked away in embarrassment and confusion. I was too scared to look at him for the rest of that time. Eventually everyone left but me and him. I was about to leave too but he grabbed my arm. I was so shocked I didn't know what to heart stopped beating. His hand slid down till he was holding my hand. And when I looked up he was looking at me that way again.
he asked me, 'how come you're not bringing anyone to the party?'
'I don't know..' I answered lamely; I was rendered pretty much bewildered because of the fact that he was holding my hand...I mean it was bizarre, we were just standing there, and he was holding my hand!
'do you want to go with me?' he asked. I swallowed and nodded, looking up at him.
'I want to go with you too,' he said.

And that's how it started. We have been dating ever since. I know that's a little drawn out and detailed, but I wanted it to sound as perfect as it felt to me. I still don't think I even half succeeded, though.


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