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I was wrong. That crush I had in fourth grade, we weren’t meant to be

I am the boy that wrote the “Grade School Love” story. (it is one of the first 25 or so written.)

I was wrong. That crush I had in fourth grade, we weren’t meant to be. I never even asked her out or anything. Here is my story about the girl I am sure is meant for me, and I thought a lot about that. (By the way, everything in the story is not present time. It is told as if it was the day of when I met her)
Story: I am in seventh grade. It’s October, and it is a nice day. I am in this youth group with only seventh graders that does community service once a month. Today is the first day that the group gets together. I am not a very social person, I’m short, skinny, fairly weak, and most of the people I know in the group are complete jerks. We split into groups and waited for our buses (more like vans) to take us to the place we were going to work at. As we are greeting each other, I notice that there are only three people I do not already know. As I am introducing myself, everyone is talking except one person, HER. Since no one else is listening, I just turned around and introduced myself to the only listener. End of story.
Ever since that day, I had her on my mind all of the time. I eventually got her to come see my school’s play in February, because she was in that play at her school and she also loves acting, performance, etc. I gave her a thick string with a charm on it: a necklace with a string instead of a chain. That day turned out to be our first date, but at the time I didn’t think of it as a date.
Each month following to this day, we have gone on a date at least once. A couple months later I gathered up the courage, and asked her if she would like to be my girlfriend. She said yes. For her birthday, I gave her a chain for the necklace, and two pairs of earrings. She wears the necklace frequently.
Since she is my first girlfriend, I HAD no clue what to do in terms of flirting and gestures. So one night I just thought in my mind to sort things out into “steps”. Every date, I would go up one more step in our relationship. I also tried to maintain at a slow pace that I felt she wanted to go at. It is now September, but I’m very anxious for the very near future for our first kiss. This was and is all completely true.


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