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Love at McDonalds

When I was 17 and got a job at Mc Donald's restaurant; I got more than a job, I got a friend that turned into a classic high school love story-and more.

I was( and still am) a conservative girl, type A personality, meticulous, with a dorkish sense of humor, but on my first day,I learned that my out-going personality meshed with my 18 year old, high-school, co-worker. There were no stars in my eyes when I first saw him, there was not a faltering tone in my voice; all I saw was my co-worker and nothing more.

I did not want to be unprofessional (yes, even while working at a Mc Donald's) and date a co-worker, but after seven months of getting to know each other, see each other at our worst, and after two months of him driving out each Friday night ( in the snow, rain, and sleet!) to visit me during my break at work ( the management liked him and was okay with the idea), he asked me out on our first date.

Our first date at to the local Christmas parade felt surreal; we were at ease, and I felt like I was with a friend-and that's because I was with my friend!

My boyfriend and I are still together and still work at Mc Donald's until we both go to college together. I guess I got more than a job, I got what I know to be one of the greatest loves of my life.


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