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My boy friend and i have been to gether for almost a 2 years

My boy friend and i have been to gether for almost a 2 years. But those few years have been hell for both of us.
I meet him last year when i was a freshman he was a sofmore. We meet through a friend. I had a boyfriend at the time. I could tell that he like me but i didn't know how much he really did until he asked me out a few days after i went to see him. I broke up with my boyfriend instantly and then said yes.Well we really didn't kno much about eachother but he soon found out what i was like. I told him about my proublem with dtrugs and drinking and he said that if i wanted to do that stuff then we couldent be together. I stopped the next week. After a while my parents found out that i had been doing drugs and they made my life hell. I ended up moving to my dads house. It was kinda a sper of the moment thing. I call my boyfriend that night and we cried for a few hours. He asked me if our relationship was gonna last. I didn't know what to say. all i could tell him is that i loved him and if he can't deal w/ our seperation then i will have to live with that. He said that, that was not what he ment . He ment that he still wanted to be with me but he didn't know if i still felt the same way. We have had it rough the past few weeks with me still in school but even though we live 4hours away from eachother he still calls me everyday and he e-mails me every day. We are planning on getting married once i get out of school.


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