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I am now fully in love with him, both friendship wise and MORE

me and this guy friend (best friend, actually) of mine have been friends all throughout high school. we've been through it all, i guess you could say. i have grown very fond of his family, especially his sister who we also went to school with. they are without a doubt the sweetest and most generous people i know. over the years, we grew closer than ever, and during our senior year, we were officially "best friends". we would hang out every weekend, regardless of if we had to work. after work (we worked at the same place, by the way), we would always wait for each other to get off so we could go home together since we live down the street from each other. sometimes we wouldnt even go home. we would call up other friends and live the night away. But over the years, I had taken the ignition and grew even closer to him than he did to me (or so i believe), and I am now fully in love with him, both friendship wise and MORE! i haven't had the guts to tell him, but by now, i'm sure he knows how i feel about him and just doesnt wanna let me know that he knows. our friends constantly remind me to tell him how i feel about him, but i just cant step up to the plate and do it. i know i need to do it now, especially since we've both graduated and moved on with our lives. i love him, people! i really do! he's that one person i wanna marry and have kids with. he's the one i wanna call "my love", "my husband", or even "my baby's daddy" (lol). if he reads this, and he knows who he is, i want you to know that i love you, so so so SO much!


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