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Hopefully this break will make us stronger and build a happier and more deeply in love realtionship

The man of my slowly going away...the love we have is so strong i can fell it through every tinkle in my body. We are on a mini break, but can't help think of all the times we have spent together.
Our love story goes way back. From the first time we have meet which was during our primary school days, we both can not remember much because what we do remeber is our high school days.
We always knew that at some point in our lives that we were going to be together... We started to flirt on what seemed like endless days during our year 9 maths class and liked each other but i never processed into it been a relationship.
Our friendship grew stronger he could tell me anything and i could tell him my world. We started to get stronger during our afternoon walks, everyone in our spanish class would tell us that we were going to get married, but i didn't know that it was going to be such a reality.
We grew so much explored our love...we both agreed to not kiss each other for the 1st time after i finished year 12 but we didn't last and i was so nervous when that moment did arrive, that i all i could say was "can we just get it over with it" (i was so unromantic)but It was a magical and special moment as all the tension from all those years built up to the final years of schooling was realsed into a kiss. There are heaps of romantic momments that will forever be kept in our hearts. We have been though so much, in such a short 3 years of our relationship. i guesse we all get to a point in our lives/relationships that need that time apart, but what i have discovered more in life is that i need this one special man beside me untill the day that i die, i want to be able to wake up beside him and see our kids grow up. It everyone's fantasy to see that become true... A REAL LIFE FAIRTALE..LOVE story...where all u need is the two of u to be complete and full of energy,passion,love,communication and to be forever understanding and comprising.The love we have will never be the same again, it is true when people say that there is only one man, that can make you feel love, and can not imagine life with out him or more so another man making me feel the way he does.
Hopefully this break will make us stronger and build up a happier and more deeply in love realtionship. It is a test in a relationship that while it hurts, it needs to be done in order to value each other more, and if it doesn't go ahead ...and we do decide to leave each other. My head will always be high as i know the feeling of being loved and would like to leave it in knowing that what ever makes him 100%happy... makes me feel 100% happy too.
I will sacrifies my happiness for his any day, n that to me proves true love,When u have the strength to see what is right and wrong and see then the out come of happiness and love.


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