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Once we were together, we made plans for our future wedding

My best friend informed me that she will pick me up for the pub. She came with one of her cousin that just broke up with his fiances as she was pregnant with someone else. After the dance he asked if I could be his girlfriend? I accepted. From then on we kept on seeing each other until he had to go to work on a ship. I saw him off at the airport. A year later he came back, again my best friend picked me up the night he came. I was very surprised when I saw him waiting for us. I was very excited. After 2 months we finally engaged. Then he had to go for his work again and promises me that once he came back we will be married. A year later he came back but i cannot marry him at that time cause I had a chance to continue for further study. I had to leave the country for 2 years. He cried but finally made up his to wait for me. After a few months he was assigned to a ship that could come to the country i did my study in. I made effort to see him once his ship came to our port. Once we were together, we made plans for our future wedding and also time together once we are couple. Now I was in my last year of study but really hope that our wedding date we have planned will not be like the last date we have plan before. We hope to marry however we never know the future so we just wait till that time.


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