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I meet him in college during my freshmen year in 2004

I meet him in college during my freshment year in 2004, I dont know what about him atract me but i like him so much and we started to talk I men sleep together but before we had sex i was starting to fell love for him i couldnt do nothing wit out thinking about what would he say. I hads a freind who was always with me, i used to tell her everything, cry about what ever he will do and she seens to be my only support time when by and he was different he didnt want to touch me even be closed to me he told that special freind of mine that the only reason he wanted to be with me it was because he wanted to get wit her she never told me any thing even tho i was still seen him if someone else didnt tolme i will never find out, i will call him and he wouldnt answer until one day that i decide to go to his house because we were not only in the same college we were also neighbords i call him and i also text him and told him that I was comming over that we need it to talk and he aske me if i was going to sleep wit him and I said no! we need to talk seriously then he told me if we aint doing nothing dont come because Im naked only Gods know what was on his mind that night i got there and he rudly open and i said i want us to talk he star to call me a bitch and other names i started to cry and told him that he was hurting me Iwanted to talk and he grap my harms and puch me out it was the worst thing He almost hit me and i started to cry louder he put me into the wall and he started to tell me that I was crazy and that i need to get the fuck away from him, He finally let go of me and he lack the door in my face I couldnt talk even walk because he had hurt me so bad that I wanted to died in that exact moment; after that day I stoped calling him and looking for him but I end up going back to him he will tell some of my freinds things about me like I was crazy he had also tell them I dont know what to do with her , but I was still there I had told him I love you, I need you and more other things wit out realizing how bad my life was starting to change because before I meet him I was stronger dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ I had been save for 10moths and things were going well in my life but to my luck I fall in love wit this men and I didnt control myself has a christian i forget about everything I had learned in those 10 months but I try my best to be recovered. He was still been the same even worts he was wit other girls he had 2 girls pregnat from the same campus they had an abortion, before knowig about them we tough i was pregnant to but it was a false alarm but just to tell you the he didnt wanted he wanted me to abort it but I was not going to doit becuase I knew that was not the right thing to do after all.To make this story short I meet someone else and I left him for him but I feel it was the best becuse that other men was there for my money becuse Im a real state brokers assistant but i didnt matter to me as much because the one I love Had barrow money from me too and never paid me back but I never stop been wit him, just recently he gave me chlymedia but i got cure, so mentally abuse as Iam and was I went back to him everytime he would call, now it seems that everything his over but I have a feeling he will be back and I dont Know what to do? I was 18 when I meet him he was 20 now im 19 and him 21 it has been a year and still sufering many people tell me to let him go but I cant and all the times that he had call me crazy i started to belive im . I need help!


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