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Now i wouldve put this into a poem except i doubt it wouldve worked out too well. So instead ill put it into a story. He is the most amazing guy i have ever met i cant even describe it. Oh i remember the first day i saw him about a year ago... I was almost to my Math class when I happened to notice this guy out of the corner of my eye and suddenly all my thoughts stopped and time seemed to stand still. I had never seen him before in my life and I had no idea who he was but he sure did catch my attention. He was tall with dirty blonde hair in a grown out buzz cut, big light brown eyes and he was wearing a green American Eagle shirt with a three on the back, jeans, white tennis shoes and a pair of glasses. However, he didn't look geeky like most people who wear glasses do. He looked smart but not the bookworm type either.He looked like he was trying to figure out the key to the universe. From that day on it seemed like he was every i was and i didnt even know his name. My feelings havent changed everything about that year and oh so much i wish i didnt do. I love the way my heart flutters and the fact that i get dizzy and nervous whenever he is near me. There are some days when im like "yea i have a chance with him" and other days where im like "No way its ever going to happen". He changed doubt in my mind that i am a different person because of him. Like the fact that i used to hate country music and living in the country period but now i love country music and living in the country. I actually have goals like i want to go to college and get up to Calculus in Math. I love him more than anything he is really smart and works really hard in everything he does. I wish i didnt mess it up and made him hate me. I look at other guys i really do but their just not him. I used to be obsessed i still am but in a good way. I know that its a silly wish but its my only wish. Every guy i liked i did the same thing and screwed it all up and now it really matters and i did it again. He'll never forgive me and he probably still thinks im some weird girl that is in love with him. But im not weird im just a human with real feelings that happened to get mixed up with the wrong crowed. I still cant figure out why i like him... Oh my god she was right he really was looking at me that day we went to see the FFA slideshow and i blew it i really had a chance with him and i blew it! I cant say im sorry that never really works and im stuck with two choices either move on or stay here. I would feel empty, lost, living without a cause if i let go now... Ill wait and pray and keep my mouth shut! He's all thats left in this world. He is my shining light in the dark. He is my shooting star. But most of all he's what keeps me breathing!


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