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she’s my best friend…she’s been my best friend since I was about 4

Sometimes in life, the thing u wanted all along is right in your face. I know this girl, she’s my best friend…she’s been my best friend since I was about 4. As early as my memories go back she is always in them. We were a couple at one point in life. She was my girlfriend back in my freshman year of high school, but we were on 2 different pages. Me, being the horny azz 15 year old I was, I wanted sex and she wasn’t for that. So, I broke up with her. Z*, my dear u may cute and all of that; but now I realize u were not worth loosing her. Then my sophomore year we hooked up again and I f***ed up and cheated on her, and ended having a kid. Y*, I thank u 4 giving me one of the most precious things in my life, my son (1st born), but u my dear were not worth me loosing her either. After the 2nd break up she couldn’t deal with my azz any more, and we just stayed best friends. I really think the reason why she has been in one screw up relationship after another is me. Right now she is dating some guy older than father time himself. I swear I wanna go down to a certain school, and kick this dude in his face.

Today, I realized something. I love her and I’m in love with her. I thought about it over and over again, and she is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. After all the sh*t I put her through, with the bitches and hoes…she still has my back. When I call her acting all crazy…she still has my back. When I do stuff that only a damn asshole does…she still has my back. And I love the fact that she loves my kids like they’re her own. It kinda makes me wish they were hers, but that would have messed up her life. And I wouldn’t want that. She’s so smart and has such a bright future. I just hope in that future she sees me in it. In my version of an ideal world…it would be her and I together in a few years with like 2 more kids. My goal is 6 kids!

For the past 5 years, I’ve watched her grow from a girl to a woman. I’ve watched her go from the tomboy who whipped every boy in the neighborhood’s azz in Mortal Combat to a beautiful young lady, who’s intelligence puts her light years ahead of these chicks out here. I still remember the first time I saw her all dressed like a girl, it was freshman homecoming. Even though she was the same girl I knew all my life I was still nervous as hell. I kept telling myself not to fuck it up. It’s crazy the memories u hold in your heart. I been writing this 4 an hour…I need a life. I know due to a little loud mouth cousin of mine…that she will find her way to this page and read it. So, Ash when u read this I just want u 2 know this: I know in the past I fucked everything up, but if u give me another chance I’ll make up for it. SO DUMP THE OLD GEEZER AND BE WITH ME. I LOVE U.

Remember this:
1) Your 1st kiss: when I kissed u at the water fountain in 2nd grade
2) The 1st time u held hands with a boy: when I held your hand at the trip to the planetarium in 3rd grade
3) Your 1st French kiss: Skate-Along USA 6th grade…when I kissed you behind the blue wall

But here is one thing I still remember that burns me up: Why did u let Michael be your Valentine in 7th grade? I wanted 2 kill that dude!


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