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True Love from Age 11

This is an honest to goodness true story of love at first sight! I was 11 years old, first day of school and this new boy walks into our six-grade classroom. He had me from the moment I laid eyes on him. He was my night in shining armor, my guardian angel and my best friend. He would hold doors open for me and carry my books and walk me home.

After our sophomore year we were separated when we both moved away. I moved to another state and he moved to another town. We lost contact with each other due to our parents intercepting our letters. I went on with my life the best that I could always feeling lost and confused. After graduation he joined the army and went to Germany and I moved back to the state I had moved from. We both married, to other people. My life was sad; I did not love my husband of six years and felt lost...I was in love with someone else.

I received a phone call one day from my one true love! He was calling me from Bosnia on a satellite phone. We both told each other how we felt and what had been going on in our lives and it filled in all the blanks and everything made sense. He was separated from his wife and in the process of a divorce and I had just asked my husband for a divorce a month before he called.

True love really does exist, we were meant to be, we knew it from the moment we saw each other. Twenty-three years ago we met for the first time and now we are married and are VERY happy, everything "fits". To think I almost lost this true love of mine. He is an amazing man. And this is just a short version of our story; in that twenty-three years we had quite a journey of ups and downs in our lives without each other and for us to be where we are today is nothing short than the will of true love.


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