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if i had seen my boyfriend I would have strangled him

Have you ever had something so horrible happen.. that it made you realize how much you loved your special other! I did.. When my boyfriend got into an accident, I was scared... I got a call in the morning from one of his friends saying that he was in an accident.. At that moment.. I fell to the floor and I dropped the phone.. I think my heart stopped beating for a second. and when it did.. it was beating twice as fast as before. That day we were all supposed to go the Canal Picnic Reunion..something his dad funds.. but I didnt go.. one reason was because my parents were complaining that I was never home.. and second of all was that if i had seen my boyfriend I would have strangled him. I wanted to see him soo badly.. but I didnt that day... He kept calling me to tell me to come.. and his friend kept calling me to tell me that he needed me.. I felt so bad! The next day after work I went over to his house.. Him and his dad had had a fight over the accident.. and he was angry as ever.. On top of that he was pissed off at me.. and didnt even want to look or talk to me.. I was in his basement.. and he just kept looking at the computer screen. I had to fight with him :: not physically:: and grab hold of his hands to and pull his face towards mine in order to get him to talk. I wanted to look at him.. and I saw how angry he was.. but I saw how hurt he was as well.. I had to kiss him.. and I did.. I held him in my arms for a long time.. In some way... I made things better. I now realize that if something had happened to him I wouldnt know what I would have done. This guy is someone special in my life.. yea we have our ups and downs.. definitely.. but we work through it.. If I lose him.. I dont know what will happen to me.. I'll just work myself till I reach every single goal and then I dont know. The way I see my life right now is him and I .. I want to work towards building a life with him.. I want to help him.. I want him.. I need him.. and I love him!!!


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