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I was crushed and yelled and screamed and cried for hours

OK... this is how it all started... the names have been changed!!

Well I was in the 6th grade and I had just came back from cheerleading camp and we were practicing our cheers in the cafeteria. Around 10 am the summer school kids came in to take a "break", Justin was one of them. Justin is the smartest person I know, he was only in summer school because he had a B in one class and really wanted an A. He was a Sophmore that year. I striked up a conversation with him and I instantly liked him. Well I ended up transferring schools and I didnt see him for about 4 years. I ended up dating his friend named Will. Will had always mentioned Justin and I just blew it off until Will and I got into an arguement and I called it quits...about two or three months after that I was at the County Fair when I ran into Justin. I then again striked up a conversation and hit it off immediatly. Justin took me home that night and he asked me to a movie for the night after. My parents didnt have a problem with that until Justin and I really started hanging out. My parents flipped when we started dating, but when my parents needed an errand done they would ask me to call Justin. After about a few weeks of Justin and I dating my parents had forbidded me to see him. I always snuck around to see him.. My sister would take me to go see him all the time. Well, finally my mom announced that she was moving us to Las Vegas. Telling Justin that was the most aweful thing I had to do until he told me to move in with his uncle... I passed the idea to my folks and they agreed.. My parents left and I stayed behind. Not too long after that Justin proposed and I was estatic. Well, some how my parents found out that Justin and I were seeing each other and they immediatly bought me a plane ticket and made me come out to Vegas so they could keep an "eye" on me. I promised Justin that I would be back and we decided to get married after I graduated. Justin and I had it rough with more than 2000 miles between us. About 3 months after I moved to Vegas I got a call from Justin's cousin telling me to call him b/c Justin had something very important to tell me.. I was excited cause I hadnt talked to Justin in about 3 days and I was ready!! Well, Justin had to tell me some really bad news and I was like, "Great, he's going to break up with me." Well, come to find out, Justin had cheated on me with a girl that I knew. I was crushed and yelled and screamed and cried for hours... all he could do was sit there and say that he was really sorry. I couldnt believe it, my whole world was crashing before me.. everything I had built was gone.. i told Justin that I couldnt take it and that it had to end right then and there... he kept crying and said he was sorry about 50 times.. To this day I wonder if i made the right decision. Justin has really made me look at love differently and it really showed me that not everyone is as they seem.. THANK YOU JUSTIN FOR TEACHING ME AN IMPORTANT LESSON IN LIFE!! I TRUELY THANK YOU!!


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