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I never thought I'd find someone that I cared so much for that I would know I was in love.

I never thought I'd find someone that I cared so much for that I would know I was in love.
But I did. I really did.

We first met in the eighth grade. For no reason at all we would quibble and argue all the time. But it slowly grew as the year progressed to be more of a reason to be around each other. By the end of the year an annoying guy friend from the seventh grade always teased that we were together which we would both ego-ly put off as 'ha, no way'. At that last dance that same friend of mine from orchestra kept going on and on asking 'So when are you two going to dance?' Will had been hanging with us all evening since I was able to convince him to come. So he finally asked ‘if maybe we should both dance’, he nervously shrugged, ‘just to get it over with’. That dance was a real heart-warmer.

Then high school came around the corner. We had kept contact throughout the summer using a friend’s site and were becoming a really great pair of friends. Will and I had started trusting each other with the deeper stuff, you know? When October rolled around there was homecoming. We had gotten together before-hand for pictures and the same old. The problem arose during the dance when I was asked by another guy to, well, grind. I enjoyed it and after a few dances I told him I'd catch up with him later (he actually is a sweet guy). That's when I was hit by everyone and their freaking out ways, especially "Will." He called me over separately to talk. He was definitely hurt and angry. He was just so concerned I would become some ####.
I found out he had a crush on my friend (we were a group, the three girls and him) a few weeks earlier. He poured his heart out to me about it. I tried to shrug it off because I just wanted him to be happy, even if it didn't involve me. So I went ahead got them to slow dance at homecoming and at a football game a week later I pulled out this elaborate plan to get them together. Amazing enough, it worked! Haha. They became a couple but they never talked, ever, and went out alone only once. They broke up a few months later.

Time continued to pass and our friendship became really really strong. We continually talked for hours and, as we always had done, teased each other. We learned every dirty secret about each other. He knew I cared for him and I was always there to keep him light-hearted. Showing little stuff like height didn't matter. And he was there for me, too. Always helping me cram for Spanish tests, doing study sessions for midterms and finals, bringing me some lunch when I would skip, and just having someone to emotionally trust (there aren't many I can do that with).

Two thirds of the year had gone by and we were always asked if we were together. It was frustrating with a grade so nosy. But realistically it was reasonable. We had always been physical. At get-togethers we would battle, wrestle, and have light power-plays. At lunch it would just be the few of us (his girlfriend had another lunch slot) and we would mess around. He started to sit behind me and would tease me by threatening to undo the strap through the uniform. My friend would just start laughing because I couldn't move. I would be like 'Oh haha Will. I'm going to get you back for this.' At first it was nothing because I would get him before he could do anything. But practice makes perfect right? God he's speedy now.

Anyways, Will started to catch when I slid in comments like 'Relax Will, you know I love you.' always asking with that teasing grin 'You love me?' He started saying I wasn't telling him something and that he thought I was able to tell him everything. So I finally confirmed him. I told him I loved him. And I do. He’s everything to me.

This summer we've been on the phone constantly talking about anything and everything. Taking turns every day even when he was sitting on the bathroom floor throwing up. He really genuinely loves me and, you know, just thinking of it brings a smile to my face. When he called from his vacations he would always ask, and I could tell by his voice he was smiling, if I missed him. Haha, he’ll be getting the rest of my answer when he gets back.

Well that’s my story. He's my best friend. And I'm lucky to have him.


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