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I just looked up at the stars thinking about him and maybe if he might be thinking about me too.

....I never new much in my life.... When I was just a little girl I remember looking at couples holding hand hugging each other kissing (hehe) in front of people I would say that is just nasty, I would never kiss a boy! But inside my heart I always wanted that someone to love me someone to tell me that they love me..... Now I'm older I still don't know what love means. I lived with my mother n father it was a loving house we always had time for one another. My mom she had a great job my dad has so funny he calls me his little angel! Well I guess I was. I loved listening to music but mostly slow songs, love songs. Even time that I would listen to slow songs when I was a little girl I would picture me n that one boy, my dream boy....

Then one day I went to school. I was just sitting there with my friends talking about the show that was on last night we were all laughing. Until this guy walked in really mad n angry. I didnít know what got through me but I came up to him I looked at him I didnít know why I did that I bet he though I was crazy, well I came up to him and made the dumbest conversation I told him I liked his shoes. ( and it was cute ) he said thanks and then I said its a good day to day, don't you think so? he said what do you want,? do I even know you? You are so annoying!! Go away !! He made a big since everyone was looking he kept yelling!! I ran out of the room with tears in my eyes! I ran harder faster, I bumped into people I didnít care I was never yelled at by a guy like that before. I though I really did something wrong! I ran all the way home. Went on my bed and called my friend Tina I told her everything she told me he was a jerk for doing that to me yelling at me when he much didnít even know me! I felt better so then we hanged up and said good bye! The next day I went to school, School was over nothing happened, I was sitting there reading my book, at the park, then I saw a shadow in front of me, I looked up and it was him I looked straight back down I got scared! He laid his fingers on my chin lifted my face up and said "It was a nice day yesterday thanks 4 asking" My name is Troy. He sat next to me I felt something inside of me. I didnít know what it was. He said sorry about yesterday. I said it was OK. Then we started talking 4 hours! Just sitting there talking and talking. About the dumbest things. but somehow we still made a conversation about it. Then I finally had the nerves to ask him what was wrong yesterday? He told me he saw his girlfriend with another guy, and I asked "him are you ok?" He smiled and said yes I broke up with her last night. "OOo I see" I said he smiled he was so cute that smile of his made my heart beat faster still I do not know why! Then my mom came to pick me up I told him I had to go and it was fun talking to him! So I was walking away and he grabbed my hand not hard, softly, he asked me if he can still talk to me keep in touch I said of course if you want to so I gave him my number and told him to call me anytime. I got in the car my mom asked me who he was I told her he was just a friend she smiled and said if heís just a friend why is your face so red I told her it was hot then I turned n in the review mirror I was looking at him walking home and I smiled! I went home and I was doing my homework. I was waiting for his call I don't know why I was but I was. I held the phone next to me when I was sleeping the hole night there was no call.... Then days pasted nothing happened. Then it was about 2:00 in the morning the phone rang I picked up on about the 3rd ring I said hello he said is this L* I said yes whoís this "hey its t*" I said hi he said he asked me if he woke up I said no I was awake![ my eyes weren't even open ] I asked him what he was doing he said nothing just thinking of you! then my eyes where wide open! I go what do you mean he said nothing then he just laughed so then we talked till about 6:00 am we talked about that day when we was at the park talking and the day when he yelled at me and we talked about school, love, heartbreak, music, est..... then he asked me if I had a boyfriend I told him no he asked me have I ever had a boyfriend I told him no! he said oOo I asked him why he asked me that he said no reason and just laughed. I he asked me if I was tired I told him No! he said yes you are he was right I was so tired and he said I think we should both go to sleep I said yes thatís a good idea we both laughed and then he said good night sweet dreams. I told him its morning not night we both laughed and we hung up. Days pasted he called me everyday. we talked 4 the longest time everyday. Then finally after about 3 months after talking and laughing he asked me to go on a date with him to the prom I told him yes then that night I got all dressed up my mom said my little girls growing up. My dad had that mad face on he really wasnít happy with me and boys. So then the doorbell rang my dad opened the door all mad !! Troy said "Hi Sir" he said Hi! My mom said come in son she will be down any minute and when he came in he was standing in front of the door fixing his tie. I was walking down in my red dress he looked up shocked ! I smiled at him he smiled back then he held my hand and putted a corsage on my risks. Then he opened the door to the car. He drove us to the school dance and we just hung out. Danced but only fast dances. Then it was the last dance it was a slower and he asked me to dance with him I said yes and we slowed danced to kC and jo jo "all my life" that dance made my heart beat so fast so hard! my face red. but I was really happy then that night he drove me home in front of my house where we first kissed each other well first kiss ever for me....... We said good bye and good night....Then that night when I was laying there thinking about what was happened that night..... I couldnít help but smile I couldnít sleep the hole night I couldnít even sleep that night....... So I just looked up at the stars thinking about him and maybe if he might be thinking about me too... Then the phone rang! I picked it up in a heart beat I said hello it was him and he told me he could sleep cause he was thinking about me!! awe he was so sweet to me! we talked about it and then out of no where he asked me if I would be his girlfriend I calmly told him yes and he said ok I have to go now but Iíll pick you up tomorrow at 9:00 is that ok I said yes good night, night! Times past everything in my world felt so good every thing was going well he graduated. All of his friends told him he was lucky to have me as his girl friend all of my friends told me I was lucky to have a guy like him. He graduated. And every day he would pick me up from school. He had a job had his own house and I was doing well in school my parents were happy when my grades and me and him together. But then one night they were driving home from dinner. It was raining really bad I was talking on the phone with T* then the door bell rang. There were two police men standing in front of the door I asked them if everything was ok they asked me if they can come in I said of courses is there something wrong? They said we hate to tell you this but your parents have gotten in accident No!! No!! Please God No!! No what did I ever do? how could you take them away from me please what did I ever do I all I did was love them and now you've token them away!! I ran up into my room and all I did was cry ! then I feel asleep....... In the morning t* came to the house n knocked on the door but it was open he ran up into my room he saw me in the corner.... my face so pale He said " baby are you ok baby wake up" please" and next to me was 2 bottles of sleeping pills empty!! He grabbed me and took me to the hospital ! He was so worried and scared and angry then the nurse walked out and told him that I was still alive his face lit up with happiness! I was laying there when I saw him walked in I was so angry inside I didnít want to look at him he looked at me and I turned the opposite way then he went up to me and grabbed me and told me to wake up !! He shooed me and I looked at him with tears in his eyes I was so weak so tired I didnít say anything to him I just turned and didnít look at him I didnít say anything to him. then he got mad and just laid me down and he started talking. I know what happened with your parents tears down my eyes drop he said I know your hurting inside but you didnít have to do this to your self I know your in pain I am too seeing you like this baby I love you !! Didnít that cross your mind even though u didnít have them anymore you had me he walked up slowly he kissed me on my forehead n said I love you remember that!! and I always will! he walked out of the room I started to cry more and more days pasted n every day there would be a new patch of flowers and every day after work he would come and talk to me I would pretend that I wasnít listening but I was ! Then they told him that he could take me home so he did! and then when we got to his house he laid me on the couch and putted my clothes in the other room. Then he came out and sat next to me..... He looked in my eyes he said he saw nothing but coldness and pain no love 4 anyone but he didnít care cause he new deep in his heart that I loved him!! days past I quite school stayed home and every day he came home he would just see me sitting there on the couch looking at the blank TV.... he was sad but he always putted on a smile then one night when he was in his room I saw him praying at the stars and he prayed to god.... please god bring that girl that I love back the one with all joy and happiness inside of her..... All the love she gave to people I don't think I can be this strong anymore!! I miss her so much I really do !! and I was looking at him from the crack from the door tears rolled down my eyes... I went into my room... and I looked at the stars and just cried and cried all the pain just came out of me.......... then the next morning when he woke up he didnít see me in my room was worried he ran outside yelling my name and I was in the kitchen making him breakfast.. he smiled I said good morning n said it back he was so happy........... Then everything went back to normal! we lived together and we loved each other... be would argue sometimes but we always made up..... Till one day.....I was shopping for some food to cook when he gets home it was our anniversary..... I saw him with another girl... at the jewelry store he was buying a ring and he was putting it on her.... I came home so angry and mad.. then I packed all my clothes and left!! I left a note on the desk it was written

Dear T*,

I know things wasnít that good but then we started living with each other loving each other more caring for one another when I was hurt really didnít want to live anymore you were there for me to take care of me....... and I will never forget about that your my first kiss and my first love! Now you have her and Iím ok with it cause maybe u do deserve better I mean maybe she can love you more than I could ever love you...... I hope your happy!! I mean Iíve put you through so much I just want you to be happy. Baby in my heart I know that you are my true love and you are my one and only, I never understood why you held on for so long when you could have easily just let go but I know why because you love me. Remember I never told you but remember that night after I have been home for awhile I remember seeing you.. There in your room, I saw you praying to god and then that night as I walked away I also cried. I also prayed to god, I prayed that he would give me the strength that I needed to live my life with you I prayed than you wonít give up so easily on me and you didnít you held on to me as long as you could of. That night I knew that the answer to my prays were you and I known I had to live my life all because you were my angel send from above. When I first met you I never thought we would be as we are.. And baby Iím so glad that I found you. I love you more then anything in the world baby you are my world you always have been and always will be!

Remember I will always love you !!

When he was reading, tears ran down his eyes the ring wasnít 4 another girl it was for me he wanted to ask me if I would marry him. But it was to late cause when he was chasing after me calling my name!! I ran and then the car hit me ! I dropped down..... to my knees blood coming down my mouth he ran to me he grabbed my hand and said I will always love you for you please stay with me, some1 call 911 I grabbed his face I told him that I was sorry for putting him thought so much pain he said no you didnít don't say this... blood was all over his face and shirt. Tears running down his eyes all "I want in my life is as my wife" he said I asked him about that girl he said sheís just a girl that worked there.... I asked her to try it on to see if it was ok..... I was confused and lost he said the only person that I will ever love is you! I told him that I loved him to and yes I would marry you but its too late! he said nothing is to late he grabbed the ring and kneeled on his knees with me beside him and said as god to my witness I will love this girl no matter what happens and I said god as my witness if you take me away today I will always love this man no matter where I am!! he put the ring on my finger and he kissed my forehead and said I love you baby! then he held my hand then he looked at the ring then looked at my face and my eyes were closed he knew I was dead.... and all he did was sit there.... holding me and swaying back and forth whimpering that he loved me and always will then they took me away and then that night he went home and sat there he grabbed a knife and took his life for me the ones he loves because we belong!! Then I met him in heavenly heaven and we lived happy ever after because we were together no matter where we where our love will always be.........


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