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one day she called me and called it a quits

Im a 17yr old who was in love with a 15 yr old.My best friend was in love with her so i tried to hook them up together but in actual reality I like her also and it just so happens that one of her friends had like me and she was tryin to hook us up buty she really like me also. So one night we both ended up on the phone having a conversation to about 4AM. During that conversation both of us confessed our love for one another and decided to see what was there, but the only problem was our friends. As it turns out both of our friends hated us and attempted to end our friendship if we messed with each other. At firdt we were worried about our friends but as time progressed we realized that we had fallen in love with each other and that we couldn't resist each other so we decided to talk to one another which angered alot of people due to the amount of people who liked both of us but we didn't care. As it turns out we had toi hide our love for about 2months until it leaked out and we were forced to stop talking due to other people.There were some of her so called friends who made attempts to make moves on me as well as my friends making attempts on her.It all was frustrating until one day ZI drew the conclusion that we needed to make it official and we did.Those 3 months we were together was the best 3 months of my entire life.For a 15yr old she mad me feel so special she really was the love of my life.During those months there was rumors circulating about us and each other cheating but none of it was true but it effected our relationship alot we both were just confused.Til one day she called me and called it a quits.That was the most painful feeling i ever felt and I wishing she take me back but if she doesn't i would definetly understand but this goes out to my ex you know who you are I LOVE U till the day I die.


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