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he says he loves me.. and i love him

I am 13 Years old.. i know pretty young to be in love.. but love is love.. im in love with myboyfriend D* hes 15...I usually get bored with guys after a month.. but D* i didnt.. i liked him for a year... first he likes one of my bestfriends and he went out with her.. but he dumped her.. then he went out with another one of my friends and they lasted for 2 months and he bought her a bracelet with her name engraved on it and love d* on the back.. ha also bought her a teddybear.. anyway.. they broke up.. she said she was in love with him.. but who isnt everything about d* is so perfect.. his long curly black hair.. his lip piercing.. that he got for me.. ill explain later.. anyway.. me and my best bestfriend k* liked him alot.. we had a year end dance and well d* and k* danced half of the time.. i got to slow dance with him 2 times tho.. he asked me dose K* like me.. i replied yes but she dosent know if she should go out with u or not cuz I like u alot.. and were bestfriends so she wouldnt do that... he just stared at me with a shocked face and said u like me!?.. im like yes u idiot i dumped j* for u... he still just sat there.. stuned.. thenw e were all sitting down.. and it was the last song.. a slow song.. d* got up grabed my hand and pulled me up and wraped his arms around me.. i was soo happy!!!.. we danced.. then when i got home we talked on the phone.. a week or a little less then that later.. we talkedo nthe phone and started to write notes to eachother during class... calling me sexy and how he loves me.. hee hee.. but of course we forgot about his girlfriend t*.. one of my friends.. t* and d* had sex..but he likes me.. confusing i know... he dumped her.. well i had to do it.. she hated me .. wanted to kick my ass.. along with D* other old girlfriend who says shes in love with him,.. well d* came over to watch a movie.. and he put his arm around me.. i was soo happy.. then the next day he came over cuz we were going to a punk show later that day.. he just kissed me all of a sudden i couldnt believe it i was so happy haha that day.. we kissed 100 times... we counted cuz i said when we got o 100 we could make out.. haha we we cuddled and kissed all day.. one of his ex girlfriends the first one i mentione well she came over along with K*.. and they saw us kiss.. and me and d* wernt even dating yet!.. we were at the punk show.. and my ex N* was there he still loves me.. hahahaha and we kissed rite in front of him that whole concert we were in eachothers arms and we finiallly made out then i hugged some guy behind me cuz i felt like it and D* was like hey i dont even get a hug"? i said.. we arnt even dating/... hes like will u go out with me? im like yes!. hes like now its offital~>. hee hee.. long story short.. k* was sad cuz she loves him... and me and d* have been dating for a month and almost 2 weeks... we had sex.. he was my first.. he always tels me how beautiful i am and how special i am to him.. but ever since we had sex... that was 2 weeks ago... we dont see eachother.. i have seen him twice in the past 2 weeks.. and he promised to come over today,.. but he didnt.. he went biking. he hasent even phoned.. i have been in love before and i know what it feels like but the other guy hurt me.. and now im afraid to love D*.. hes moving in a month far away.. and we donno what tod o... but he says he loves me.. and i love him...


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