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but this time its different. He says he wants a fresh start

I have been with this guy C* 4 7months now but we have been a bit on and off. Ive never broken up with him hes always broken up with me. I dnt no wha im doin wrong cos all i do is love him with all my heart and do wha eva i can 2 make him happy. Ive never felt like this for anyone else and I no he loves me 2 which is why I dnt undastand it. He asked me out about a year ago but I sed no but then about 3months later I tld him i love him, i guess i just didnt realize i did be4. But now wev broken up 4 good. All the other times we broke up we were still the same we are best friends n wed still kiss n stuff wen we wer broken up but this time its different. He says he wants a fresh start. We sill speak on the fone but in 3days hes going 2 mexico 4 7weeks and i dunno if I can handle it. I have been bein sick alot since we broke up and I cry about him evrynite. I still get upset if he talks about other girls and I wont touch any other boys cos it feels like Im cheating on him even tho Im not. Im lucky cos i got sum really gr8 m8s 2 help me thru this but i duno if I will get through it. He is my world and my ife.


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