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i will never take his love for granted again because i know i cant live without him

it was september 25 2003 when i found my one true love c* we had just met and we both already knew we had something for each other so he asked me out and i said yes and over the next months we had grown to love each other so deeply in a way i never thought possible i loved him more than anyone i had ever loved before and he made me so happy and we were the perfect couple so i thought but after 7 months he said he needed time because he was so young and he needed to figure out if we were meant to be and i was heart broken i thought i was going to die i was so sad all the time but eventually i moved on but as soon as i did he came back and he said he did not know what he ahd until he lost me but this time we went out it was different it wasnt as happy as before and we never saw each other or talked and one night i was outside with a boy i had went with when me and c* were split up and i did the most stupidest thing i have ever done i kissed him and i cheated on c* i cried so much because i knew i was wrong but c* never found out about it but after another month or so i told him i didnt know if i was ready to be with him yet because we are only about to go to high school so we broke up again but this time it was my fault and i realized that i couldnt live without him and i realized i needed him so i called him and we were talking but i didnt think he wanted to go out with me yet but i never gave up on him then one night we were on the phone and he asked me out and i said yes and i have been so happy since that day and i would never do anything to hurt him and i would never break up with him either because we are meant to be and we will be together forever despite our young age we both know we are in love and we both know we love each other strongly and we both have a hold over one another thats unexplanable and i will never take his love for granted again because i know i cant live without him and i know i need his love


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