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i went up and saw her, it was so great, and the next day she and I went to the movies

well this all started one day after school, when i was about to go chill with my friend, and smoke some weed , but my computer freezed, and i had to reboot, and a old picture came up of me on dp ( i did not intend for it to) and my other friend l* sent me a webcam invitation, and ia ccepted it, and it was someone else, i asked her name and it was T*. so i talked to her for awhile, and it was fun, then she asked my number, so i gave it to her. well i talked to her on the phone all night, and didnt go to my friends house, which me giveing up weed , heh she must mean sumthing. We talked everyday after school for 2 hours, and her school graduation came up and she wanted me to go, which i havent even met her in person yet so i was u could say nervous, so i went, and i talked to her and all, then it was like i couldnt say anything to T*, it was so hard. But she wanted me to go hang out with her after the grad thing, well then she ahd to stay for the parent child dance thing, so i waited outside, and i was kinda nervouse cause there was a cop outside, and i was stoned. well when T* came out her mom and her dad got the principal and the cop to bring her inside, then her parents went and complained to me, but i ahd to stay, then the cop came over and kicked me off the school property, and as iw as leaveing, T* came running to me, and i hugged her , and i felt something i ahevnt felt before, (true love) . Well after that happend i went over to L*'s house, and i chilled there, and i got her to call T*, but T* was gone, even at 1 in the morning, i figured she ran, or got hurt or sumthing, i felt my heart completlely crumble inside of me. The next day i was feelign very depressed, i got a call i answered it and it was T*, i was so happy, and she was at ehr sisters apartment, which was 20 min. walk from my house, and she moved in with her sister, because she couldnt handle her parents, and for me. well i went up there, and there was distance between us 2, but we sarted talking , and our hands linked to eachother, and it went from there, i went home at like 12. the next day she was busy with her sister. the day after thqat, me and her hung out, same with the next day. , and she looked at me after makeing out, with tears in her in her eyes, and asked me, if i was jsut gunna lead her on, and i was like no, i love u with my whole heart. then as i was leaving her sisters apartment, T* came running down and madeout with me for 10-15 minutes, and asked me out, and i was like wow i thought we were jsut together, but wha ever, i answered yes, and we made out more. then i went home, so happy. the next day no call, for 3 days, and my bestfriend came over, and i was like, shes not gunna call, so i went out and smoked weed with him. Then when i got home i checked the callers list, and i seen that she called, twice!!!!!! and i was so upset. but the stonednesss kept me under control. So i waited more nights no call, i stayed home one monday depressed as hell and she called, and i was so happy and shes like u know that trip i told u i was going on, and i was like yea, and she said, well im not going, but my sister is makeing me, stay in all week, and i was like alright. so when that week eneded, i went up and seen her, it was so great, and the next day me and her went to the movies, which was awwesome too. Then the enxt day i went to my friends, and stayed there the night, and she didnt call, then she called and we talked for a bit, and i was liek let me call u with my friends phone cus ur killing my cell phone. so i did, we talked for an hour or more. Then later her sister called back mad, and iw as what? and she said i called ehr cell and talk to T* for an hour and wasted ehr cell time, and told me not to talk to T* for a month. so i went home very depressed, and slept through the 2 phone calls T* made, and its 23 days till i can talk to her, and im going through Hell RIght now, so if u have read this u know what i mean, because T* is everythign to me. ThANKS SO MUCH FOR READING THIS IF U DID


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