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But I thought of one goal for sixth grade; to confess my love to him

When I first heard of him in fourth grade he was just some big, smelly guy who hated cats. Having a beloved cat of my own, I decided to avoid him. Little did I know, he would be in my fifth grade class the next year.My responce to this was poking fun at him; calling hin "Mr. Marose" and teesing him about cats. He threw it right back at meby teasing me about wanting to kill all cats! This lasted untill I saw him get bullied just the way I get bullied by popular girls. I decided I was mean by teasing himso I stopped. Magicly,he stopped, too. Then one thing after another happend and then I knew i was in love. by that time it was near the end of the year and now it's summer vacation and I miss him so much. But I thaught of one goal for sixth grade; to confess my love to him and ask how he feels about me. I have more determination to fulfil this goal than I ever had in my life.


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