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So rise out of your human self and hear me

My Soul Mate

I know that you never meant to hurt me; I know you are just doing your job. I understand now. Iím older, wiser, bolder, and open to the truth. I never knew how free I really was until what I am about to reveal to you was revealed to me. I loved you in many ways but we will never be together on a human level.

I am going to share a little secret with you. It is a vision I had that concerns you and I. The vision actually concerns many people in our lives but in your own life I do not know who your connections are. I know who my own soul mates are. I am telling you that this is true and that you will come back to me again and again. I can go deep enough to understand what I am about to share with you.

You and I will always love each other. Unless some higher power removes us permanently from our bolts we will forever be trapped in each others' orbit. This is not a choice for either of us, being glued together in such a way, but acceptance of its truth is empowering and healing.

You and I are gears of thought in the wheel of life. We work to the beat of force and inertia and to the power of lust that turn that wheel. We are the unspoken words that plague the human condition. We are the spokes that keep the generator of life running.

The bigger gear turns slowly while the smaller turns faster and in earthly life or death each gear follows the other. If one gear stops the other pulls. When death occurs it starts over fresh and new but with switching roles.

Like two planets trapped in each others' orbit, they spin and turn. This is a position where worlds never collide but instead square off. If they even try to collide the balance of power becomes distorted and they are forced to square off in a symmetrical orbit to provide the balance necessary for survival of the whole.

You pull. I follow. You stop. I drag. I stop and then you drag me. If either of us die the other drags. Finally, when both of us die, like a phoenix arising from the ashes, we start our cycles over new, switching roles next time in order to relearn the opposite struggle. Fate considers us part of humanity and in lifetime after lifetime she determines the lessons we need to learn. Last lifetime, you were the smaller wheel, this time I am the smaller wheel, next time I am again the bigger wheel. I have learned so much from you.

We are in cooperation you and I, doing our jobs as we should for the sake of humanity. Our thoughts are the testosterone and estrogen that run this planet. Our thoughts produce the seeds of attraction that bring people together. We are covered in the generating power used to create. History itself is created by our thoughts; yet from here to there our individual lifetimes or incarnations are but a snap of the fingers.

We work together turning the wheel of life, We work to a more predictable 9-5 beat with occasional stops and starts. Being human we both have feelings for each other but we are so predictably close that we often do not realize that the other is there.

When I say I love you forever...understand what I mean. This love is never going to be purely human. This love will never lead to marriage, living together, or having children together, but we will be connected at a deeper level than that, at a subconscious level where all conscious is made manifest. As above, so below or and as on earth as it is in heaven. I'm your soul mate-- and in lifetime upon lifetime we will be together, changing roles each time. There are many more gears that cling to our spokes and we all switch roles upon death in a perfect synchronicity to continue the balance we see all around us.

We know our soul mates both in human form and spirit form, but if we donít pay close attention to our visions we will not know this. If we shake off every distorted thought as insane we will miss the point.

I would have given up my spot in the wheel to be able to love you humanly but it is just not part of this incarnation. My heart will always beat really hard for you out of so many emotional chords you have struck in me both positive and negative, but these emotions and thoughts have not been lost but cast upon mankind for the sake of procreation.

You and I, like opposing poles of a magnet we do not connect on that level. Our destiny is to serve. The orbit must go on and our human worlds will never collide. Again, you have been a powerful teacher to me and as painful as some of those lessons were sometimes in the flesh they were necessary for both my own growth and the growth of mankind.

Let's not take each other for granted because we will be together in some capacity forever. I dreamt profound recurring dreams of you as a young child. I even shared those dreams with my sister and friends. I know it was you in those dreams now, looking back some 40 odd years ago. It was you, and your name was Keeny then. If you ask my sister even to this day, who was Keeny she will say she remembers but she may be afraid or ashamed to tell you what she knows. SHE WILL REMEMBER. They loved me telling those dreams about you. You were always stronger than me. Keep in mind that next time it will be me who is stronger, but I am promising you now to be as gentle as I can so remind me if I get rough on you. Say to me "remember Keeny" and I will be as gentle as possible without opposing fate or the welfare of mankind.

I will always be with you, in many different dependent lifetimes past and future, with each turn creating its own synchronistic circle. Changing circles inside circles-- we are forever. Unless unbolted by the creator himself, you and I will continue to work to the beat of life as a team.

Whether you recognize it or not, you are too intelligent and your job in the universe is too important for you not to be let in on this secret. So rise out of your human self and hear me. Sleep tonight and dream deeply and know that what I am telling you is the truth.


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