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My sister hit him and I started to curse him out. I ran after him, trying to hit him

I really like this really hot guy. I was 10 when I met him, and I have ever since been in love with him. I don't know if he knows, but oh well. I think he does. Well, it just so happens that I told my sister who knows him better than I do that I liked him. She got all excited and said that she was gonna try to hook me up with him. That was my ultimate wish. So, one day, she told me to come outside after school, because we were going to ask him face to face. I at first thought that it was a totally bad idea, but I couldn't back down cause my sister's friends were there.
So I did go outside, and we got him to come out of his friend's house. My sister asked him on front of me and all of his friends if he liked me. He asked how old I was and I said 11. He told me that he didn't date girls that were 1 or more years younger than him, and that I was ugly. My sister hit him and I started to curse him out. I ran after him, trying to hit him, but he got so scared that he ran into his friend's house again. The most embarrassing thing about what had happened is that everybody that was around the scene at the time saw it all. I just ran into the house. Nowadays, nobody remembers it, not even him. Well maybe he does a little. My sister started to ask him again, not to long ago, and he said that he liked my ass. he said that i didn't have much breast. I thought, since when did breast size matter?
Anyways, he has always liked my sister. I mean, my sister has always had bigger breast than I have. He's kind of the pervert types. I like that, kind of, because they're always praising you for your body. I like that attention. When it comes to breast, my sister gives me no support and just tells me to forget about him. But I can't. I always to try a way to talk to him, but you see, where I live, there's no way of getting any privacy. He's usually everyday at the pool, where I go, but everybody is there.
I will tell you something though, I am always leading my sister in the ass part. That makes me fell a little bit better sometimes. And my legs. Yup. But still. I think that if he really likes me,it should be only for like 1 percent outside, but the rest inside. I've noticed that he doesn't last very long on relationships too, but whatever. I would at least be happy if we went out for one day. But with that sexy ass bathing suit that I have, ain't nobody gonna take him from me. He's single right now at the moment, so get ready A*, cause here I come.


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