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Some things happend and she had to move out of state. My heart was broken to say the least

I met a girl in late December 2003, we hooked up New years day. We had the greatest time together, we laughed, cryed, had fun, and every thing else you could think of 2 love birds doing. I fell deeply in love with her. It felt like years had gone by. Well, not exactly. It was January 19 the day she came to my house telling me she had to go. Some things had happend with her that she had to move out of state. My heart was broken to say the least(along with a couple of fingers from fighting the ground). That day changed how i was, i stopped believing in god, i gave up on all emotion, and almost gave up on life. A week later she calls me and ends up getting into a fight with someone wile on the phone with me. She hangs up and a couple hours later i get a call saying she was in jail for fighting a cop. we lost contact. Six months later she calls me, by then i had found a girlfriend. I couldn't believe i was realy hearing her voice. I was crying so much. My new girlfriend was living with me and was not to happy that i was talking to the love of my life. I ended up having to stop talking to my one true love because of my girlfriend. I didn't even love her, she was just some one to comfort me at night. She became so jealous of my love for someone else that she went crazy. she had a baby that wasn't mine but i took care of him as if he were mine, that was the only reason i stayed with her. I ended up breaking up with her because she was going crazy. She was going to try to kill herself and the baby. I talked her out of it just to have her take the baby and leave. I haven't talked to her since the day after she left(thank god). My love finally called me about two months later because she was going through a tough time with her boyfriend. I was so happy. I kept promising that i would come out to see her but i kept falling through for one reason or another. I found a plane ticket for her to come back to me and called her up. It was a 1 day notice but i couldn't wait. She was so excited she started packing her bags and threw a going away party. Her newly found ex-boyfriend (that she was living with ) wasn't too happy. She came out and that was only the beginning. Alot of people were mad at her for leaving. They called her just to piss her off. Right now we think she may be pregnant with her ex's baby but he wants nothing to do with it without being with her. I have stepped upto the plate again to raise another mans baby as my own, but this time i will be there forever. I hope this story will give encouragement to those in a situation like mine. At this very moment she is laying beside me and i dont think there could be a happier person on the face of the planet.


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