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C&C Part1

C&C Part1

Hello, I am a 12 year old boy who is truly in love for the first time.

It started months ago in school when she had a little crush on me. At the time I was in a deep stifling deppression because my dad had recently died in a car crash. I was so lost and I wasn't going to hurt or kill myself, but I had lost all my will to live.

Anyway, she is very shy and was very nervous about telling me. Well, her friends decided to take matters into their own hands. For the next few WEEKS they constantly followed and begged me to go out with their friend. And then, it happened... "NO! THE ANSWER'S NO! I REFUSE TO BE AGGRAVATED ANY LONGER! I WILL NOT GO OUT WITH HER!!!"

She grew deppressed and very quiet, especially when I was in the room. I felt sorry for her, but I had my own deppression and family issues at home to deal with. She grew steadilly quieter and would not say a word a whole day at a time. At the same time I hated my family and myself more and more.

Then came the night of the school dance. We both came alone, except she was with friends and I was COMPLETELY alone. The night wore on and her friends begged for me to dance with her, while being as persistent as like some jackass mosquitoes. And I repeatedly said "no". It broke her heart a little more every time, and she cried. It was horrible.

Eventually, when she was alone in a corner crying I approached her and told her that I felt horribly guilty and that I was sorry I ruined her night. She told me again and again that it wasn't my fault and how she was sorry her friends had been such a pain in th a**. Though, I said and to this day think, her friends, while not doing the right thing, meant well overall.

The conversation ended when her friends surrounded me and begged and BEGGED! You want to know what I did? I ROARED so loud the that fell backward with fear and I got away.

I came back and the conversation repeated. Then, the night continued without any further conflict. I just took up wall flower positions and watched everyone else dance.

Then I heard it, Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven. This common classic, naturally drue everyone to the dance floor. I watched her dance with one of her friends (a girl), and realized that THIS was my last chance to make her happy. I was sympathetic towards her, because two years earlier I had fallen into what was almost love, and when that girl moved away I searched for her for almost one and a half a year only to be disappointed and give up (Though, that's another story entirely!) Knowing her pain I approached her and her friend and casually asked "Can I cut in?" She was breath taken, though she was able to gather enough air to say "yes."

So, we danced (My first ever entirely!) and the whole 6th Grade gathered around us. There was a certain magic to the moment. I then knew, she was different, not as in love just yet but there was something about her. And then, the DJ announced the night was over. To this day I regret never saying goodbye.

A month later, (The last one of school) I received a letter from her saying how she was sorry about her friends, and she had a crush on me, and so on. Well, I had a crush on her and wrote a note to be passed to her by my friend that goes on her bus.

Later that night, my friend called and told me that she had read the note and thought it was some sick joke, though he had never read it. So, he gave me her phone number and I called her. Except, her mom picked and I said "Hello, this is ****** ********, is ******* there?"
Her mom is uh... kind of "out there" (Not retarded just old) and answered "No, this is *******'s house." We went back and forth for about five minutes.

So, her mom hung up on me and I thought she had found the note and was hostile toward me (I didn't say anything perverted, or offensive mind you. Though, she has very protective parents.)



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