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Im long distance relating with a guy who I love with everything in my body!

Im long distance relating with a guy who I love with everything in my body! He means the world to me. I have liked him since 7th grade and we dated twice in 8th. Then he moved to Knetucky at the end of our 8th grade year,less then a month ago and that made me relize how crazy I was about him. So I had one of my girl-friends ask him if he was feeling me. After she did, he IMed be saying he liked me a lot and then I told him I felt the same way. We both told eachother that we didnt think there was neone out there better for us. Then he ask how I felt about long distance relationships and I told him if they love eachother a lot and they both want it to work out, then I think it could. Stuff like this was said and then he didn't IM me for about 2 minutes...then he says "Okay, Lets try it". I was very happy when I recieved that IM.
I think that neone who is in love with someone should just tell that person how they feel. Cause the person you are loving might be afraid of rejection too. I was but I faced the facts and knew if I didn't do something about it, then I would be letting go to the one person I really love. I encourage neone who faces the same problems as I did or anyone else who has their love moving to be brave and go for it! What do you have to lose? If he doesn't feel the same way, atleast you tired. Always room for "just friends"


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