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he started feeding me chocolate..omg i coulda melted..

Ok well in school i liked this boy named S* and i would always watch him but not in a stalkin kinda then i was camping and he was there made me so was me,him, myfriend, and his friend..and we all got to talking ..that night i had to leave but the next day we were coming back to stay the night and he told me he would be we went back the next day and we hung out all night.. so we went to make marshmellows and i was on the total oppostie side of the other 3 and he roasted a perfect marshmellow and reached it all the way across the fire to was so sweet..and then i was being really quite and he asked me y and i was like because the fire makes me quite and he was like well come sit back here with me(because he moved away from the fire) so i did and he started feeding me chocolate..omg i coulda melted..and we went walking and me and him got up in this playground thing and sat together and he played with my hands and stuff..but the bad news was that i had to leave that night..but i got his # and i ended up talking to him on the phone for hours at a time(longest was 5hrs and 6mins)..and he told me he liked me and i told him i liked him..but he told me he doesnt ask girls i asked him out..and the only problem is that i love him..he doesnt know it..but im gonna tell him once weve been together for a couple months..


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