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My Internet Love

My love, i always knew that love exists but never really fell in love.I met him on internet, i was gettin bored so i logged on in this chatroom and after a while he sent me a msg.I didn't talk much with him much coz he was a stranger to me and i never trusted this chatroom guys.Neways i started goin there everyday and for some reason he would be there, we started talkin everyday.He became my very nice friend.He had same interests like me, we both had a same personality(though he does have more temper then me..but i love it), it was so weird, it was as if we both were one person.He could tell wat i was thinking just like that.It was may when he told me that he is in love with me.I was shocked, he was a nice guy and everything but i was scared to love him, not that i didn't trust him but i knew that we will never have a future together.He lived in other corner of the world, i didn't even know if we could ever meet each other.I had to disappoint him, but he told me that "i never expected you to love me just because i fell in love with you, i didn't wanted to hide my feelings, so i told you but we will always be friend." I was amazed at how well he hide his feelings, i could feel the pain he was goin through when he told me those words and he knew it.I knew it would be so hard for him to think about me just as a friend.I never knew when i started to fall in love with him, i would miss him when he wouldn't come online or wouldn't mail me, i would think of him all the day, at nights i would dream of him, it was there, it just took long to realise it.At last i told him that i love him.Goshh i still remember how happy he sounded, it was as if he was the happiest man on the earth.We just celebrated our 6 months anniversary, i havent seen him, i have talked with him on the phone, but how i love him.He's my life, we dont know if we will ever be able to meet but i wake up every morning with a hope that i will meet my love one day and that day when he will be in my arms, i wouldn't want anything else except hold him for rest of my life.i love you sweetheart.


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