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We wasted our love, suffocated it and now we are apart yet want to look into each others eyes and say I love you

Where do you begin to tell a story that you are emptying from deep within your heart. Well finding your soulmate or the love of your life is the greatest most joyful experience any body in the world can speak of. But listen to this. We met in a study library 10 years ago he was staring at me I felt unsettled after noticing the way he kept watching me, I had never met him and yet I felt something strange in me, it was exciting. I never stopped thinking about this stranger so for the following four days i walked into the library each morning looking out for him and i always felt comfortable once he was around. On the fifth day we were introduced by my schoolmate who happened to know him too. That is how we met, became inseparable friends, we were 15/16 years of age then and both went to boarding school. At school we wrote to each other almost daily and spent each day of the holidays in each others company. WE WERE BEST FRIENDS! Not once did either of us come out straight to speak about how we felt deeply about the other. We finished college never getting intimate but we cared deeply for the other. When his mum passed away a year after we met he didnt want to hang around no body but me, he always looked for me, he said God knew she was about to leave and so brought me into his life. He always never stops thanking me for being there for him as he grieved. His mum seemed to like me but my went nuts from them moment she learnt of him. Mum didnt like it, She swore never to let him come near me, stopped me several times from going to visit him or out with him. It was a night mare yet we kept on. She warned his brothers saying his entire family had nothing to speak of and that they should stay away from her daughter, she even tugged my dad along her way. We even got more bonded. all our friends adored our growing closeness, every body knew we were in love except each of us. We denied how we felt but accepting to care for each other we exchanged extremely romantic gifts. We joined university and started growing apart. I was jealous and hated him when informed that he had had girls in high school. I shouldnt have since I had only pledged friendship but how could he was all I ever said to my self. We drifted apart not seeing each other as often as we used to, we even took three to six months. However after two years, it got out of hand he was telling every body how he loved me and I was doing the same with my friends and blamed him for not caring at all and instead getting on with other girls yet I had loved him for years. Well soon we started calling each other once in a while and after a few times I felt like nothing was wrong he then sent a cousin to talk to me ask me to ignore the rumours since he wasnt seeing no body and he wanted to talk. I said I would wait for his call and would listen to what he had to say. I wanted him to tell me face to face that he loved me and he wanted me to be his woman it was nine years. Well he called but when we met he said nothing about that, all he wanted to tell me was that he had got an international sholarship and would be leaving the country in four days to study abroad. I was torn apart, I was strong in his presence said I wished him well and off he went. I went home cried the night away in the morning 7am I called him and told him in tears how much I loved him and thought he wanted to tell me he loved me too. Well he had to leave the country now coming to two years. I went nuts dating whoever I cared to until i was a mess. He got in touch after a month told me he loved me to told me the story about how we met, how he had loved me from the day i walked into the library and he just stared at this strange girl. Well we are now in a long distance relationship, we talk once a month he tells me he misses me, wants to be back he wants a family. Am so alone back home not dating any body crying my self to sleep most of the time. If you are reading this piece and love somebody please tell them you love them as frequent as you can. We wasted our love, suffocated it and now we are apart and yet want to look into each others eyes and say I love you, touch each other but we cant if you can. DO IT!


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