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Before I knew it it was Valentines Day and I got him 6 Valentine Ballons, candy, and a note

I'm only 17 and i hink i'm inlove. You's just not any guy. One of my best friends was suposeably "inlove" with him and I offered to help her get atleast a "HOOK-UP" with him. At the time I was not inlove with him. As I started talking to him and slowly becoming a close friend I started to put my plan into action, which was to present my best friend to him and maybe get them together...weeellll...that was the plan untill I my self started to feel different around him. Since my friend knew I started to liking him more then a friend she stoped liking him and went on to another guy that she liked as well. Well she practicly left the path open for me and him to become more than friends. And I thanked her for that. As I started to become a closer friend to himI started to feel something that I have never felt about any other guy that I have liked. Before I knew it it was Valentines Day and I got him 6 Valentine Ballons, candy, and a note. I told my friend to give it to him because my ride came for me early. As I got in the car and shut the door I saw him receive the ballons, candy, and note. When I saw his face expression while he was reading the note he seemed a little akward to recieve such a gift. So the next day that I saw him I couldn't even speak to him because of what I saw the day before. It's been a month in a half and I still hadn't have the nerve to talk to him, although he tried so hard to get my attention but I ignored him. The more he trys to get my attention the more I fell in love with him. But still ignored him. I would always panic when he would ask me why I ignored him. And still couldn't respond. Schools over and I'm still ignoring him. Infact, I turned down a invitation to the movies with two of my closes't friends because he was going. I went for vacaion for a week to Mazatlan in Mexico. And even when I was their I coudn't get him off of my mind. I fell deeply in love with him but the only problem was that I couldn't let him know that I was inlove with him. When came back to school from our summer vacation, I changed my class schedule different from his. I still got to see him in the hall ways but one thing different about him was that he stopped trying to get my attention. So I started to get his attention because I wanted him to know how I felt about him. He ended up getting a girl friend and for some reason he pays more attention to me. My friend found out that he went out with her because he wanted to get me jelous. I did ended up getting jelous. When Graduation came I promised to my best friend who had liked him before that I will not be a cowerd and I would tell him about my feelings for him and atleast reslove being friends again. When that moment came to 'action' I panic'd and chickend out. I started crying because I blew everything. I just wished I could have gone back or atleast thought for the right thing to do and fix every thing before it would get all jack'd up. Unfortunatally it did. Till this day I don't know if I still have any feelings for him I just think of what would of happened if I wouldn't of gave him nothing for Valentines Day. Everything would be so much different.


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