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I met dis boy off of my sister around like 5 or 6 years ago

I met dis boy off of my sister around like 5 or 6 years ago. We were the wost enemies when we were little... but as we grew up it wasnt that bad. Last year on my 15th birthday he sent me a message on msn wishin me a happy birthday n also a flower he made with letters. We talked alot that night and little by little we became friends. I had no feelins towards him until these 2 months. We go to the same school but with different classes and different lunch... so round 1:30 evryday in careers class i leave the classroom for a "washroom break" n go downstairs to the forum and talk with him. And then evryweek i skip 1 class of careers to spend time wit him. Round June 9th of this year i was really unhappy because my cousins birthday was comin up but i wasnt exactly invited so i was kind of pissed about that though i'm gonna b busy dat day since my fren invited me 2 her house 4 bbq... so a few days b4 my cousins bday i skipped along wit 1 of my other fren *F which was invited to my cousin *R's bday. So dat day *F, me n dis other girl *M which was also invited to her bday wen 2 food basic n started walkin i had no idea y we wer der but i didnt bother askin either den dey started talkin bout wut food dey're gonna buy 4 *R's bday so basically at dat time i was already left out. So den we left food basic n wen 2 da foodcourt da 1st person i wanted ta c was *A so i wen ta find him n asked if he could walk wit me n talk. So we walked to the doors n talked he gave me dis type of feelin dat wutever happens he'll always b here. N den wenever i'm unhappy i talk to him... we take da bus together after school, he comes to my locker eachday n we talk... n we go play badminton evry friday nite. He teachers me sum badminton skills and we hv lots of fun 2gether. I jus wish i can b wit him evryday evrynite... i noe he has a gf... n wut i fink mite b wrong... but i jus couldnt control myself. He makes me really happy yet... da reason y i cry is cuz of him. I'm not as good as he is in badminton but i try and i try nd i try jus hopin i can get as good as he is n all i wan from him is a "nice try" wenever i screw up. But no matter how hard i try he'll never b satisfied. I twisted my wrist in badminton but i still play only cause i wanna get better and hopefully he'll realize da effort i'm puttin in2 it. But its jus not workin. I'm gonna b leavin in 6 days 2 hk 4 round 6 weeks... but rite now i dun wanna leave cuz i miss him. I really wish i could say "i love u" to him.


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