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Well, I'm thirteen years old but I feel like I'm in love. The worst part is that the person I love is with someone else

Well, I'm thirteen years old but I feel like I'm in love. The worst part is that the person I love is with someone else. See, he had been my friend since I was like about 7 yrs. old. And one day last August he just came up to me and kissed me. I immediatly responded back. After that we just had certain make-out sessions and talked on the phone. The thing is we never spoke about actually becoming a couple. One day while talking he asked me how was school and if any boys had tried to get with me. I thought just to get him jealous I would say I already was going-out with someone. He was silent for a moment and said "oh ok I see." and changed the subject. A month later I find out he had been going out with this other girl at his school. So I was kinda hurt but I was okay whatever I'm just not gonna fool around with him and try to shorten our communication because I knew that if I kept close to him, I would have an urge to do things with him again. Later on I find out he lost his virginity to that girl and I was just mad. So I wrote him an e-mail and just lashed out. I also cursed him and the girl out. He got mad at me and said I should have never been mad because we never had anything. So needless to day, I was pretty hurt. So for a while we stoped talking, but eventually we spoke again because we had the same circle of friends and we just spoke. One day while we were alone outside he came and kissed me. I still longed for him and kissed him back. We kissed for a while unitl one of our friends caught us. After that we started doing things regular thirteen year olds don't do. When we were together we both forgot about his girlfriend. After I thought about it I was like "this is wrong and you need to break-up with her or stop messing with me." He chose to stop messing with me. I again was crushed by him. Time passed and again he made the move and kissed me. I then pulled away and told him you made your choice so don't backdown now. A few days later he tried again and I responded again. Now, it's sumertime and school is out. He said he was going to break-up with that girl and really be wtih me. I don't know what to say about him. I feel like he feels something for me but I'm not sure. You know what's unny though? We've belonged to the same church for a while now and everybody says how we're going to be together and marry each other and be missionaries. Ain't that something?


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