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ok i was dating this one guy from school named "nick." i loved him sooo much and i thought i could never love some one the way i loved him we were going out for about 6 months. and then he made this bet with his friends that "befor we go to the next grade we have to dump all of our girlfriends" so when i found out about this i was crushed i cryed n cryed and finally i got the courage to talk to him about it but it was teh weekend and we only saw eachother in school he never called me. so i was online and i was chatting with his sister and i was talking to her about it and she was also upset about it. so when she put him online to talk to me and he told me that it was true that he was going to end our relationship. so i did what i had to do. i dumped him and i was so heart broken i was so depressed. and in this depression i looked for any guy to be with to get my mind off of nick. i ended up going out with my ex-bf "william" (big mistake) i didnt even like him any more but i was so alone i had to. but i ended up breaking up with him too because my mom hated him and didnt let me see or talk to him. so again i was alone and depressed. i didnt kno what to do. so a couple of weeks later i was up all night watching one of my favorite movies "a walk to remember" i started crying because i wanted to be with someone like that. and i started praying (which is not like me because i havent prayed ever since my father left) well anywayz i started crying and praying to god to bring me someone to make me happy again. well the next day i was online and i went to the website called m****.com well i went on my bestfriends page and i was looking at the people on her friend list to see who was online. well there was this one name lucky_05 i didnt know who it was so i clicked on the name and it brought me to this guys page i didnt recognize him at first but then i read his profile and it was my friends older brother. i had always had a crush on him. i use to go to her house (amanda) and play with her brother that was back when i was 11 years old. well i emailed him to see how he was doing and stuff he emailed me back and we started chatting with eachother we talked about guitars because he played guitar and i was still learning. so i gave him my number to help me more with the guitar so we were on the phone that ENITIRE day. talking about stuff and joking around. well he had to go, he promised his friends that he'd play football but he told me he'd be back soon. well i got an email and it was him askin me to be his girlfriend. and i said yes of course. he called me that same day after he came back and we talked till 2 o'clock in the morning and he told me he loved me. i was shocked and i felt the same way about him. i have always loved him ever since i was 11 years old. well march 29, 2005 was when we started going out and we've been together for 3 months today. i love him so much, he makes me so happy and my mom loves him she even said that when im with him im happier even with all the bad stuff going on in my life right now. he saved me from myself he helped me stop cutting myself and ever since i've been with him i havent been cutting and i havent been as depressed as i use to be. he's my life, my love, my world. he's my angel...


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